Add a Touch of Simplicity to Your Projects with New Roman Blinds

 Add a Touch of Simplicity to Your Projects with New Roman Blinds

Unquestionably many of you will have interest in maintaining and decorating your houses with different unique artifacts to make its presence complementary. Here, the value of blinds installed in any room of your house cannot be neglected. These undoubtedly provide a great shade to lock the extra light coming inside. Now comes the talk about types of blinds and you have chosen to go with Roman Blinds. Everything is decided and done now! Moving to the final decision of choosing one company right? No need to search any further because Country Blinds is already here with the readily available solutions to your complications.

Country’s products are worthy of becoming the pride of your projects. Keeping note of the standard material of every product you are willing to purchase from Country. Adding more, our blinds are sewed in uniquely exceptional ways which will guarantee the place of your house apart from other houses.

Features of Roman Blinds by Country Blinds

Since every product comes with identical features which represents the unique role of that specific product. Same is the case with Country’s products. Country is a company which is unique in itself and so are our products. Counted down are the unique features of Country’s Roman Blinds.

⦁ Heavy duty actuation cords
⦁ Lift rings stitched into the back of battens for strength
⦁ Cord lock operation, chain drive or motorised
⦁ Fabrics pre-shrunk where necessary to eliminate loss of shape over time
⦁ Premium quality sewn bottom pockets are durable and won’t mark walls
⦁ Head rails fully fabric wrapped

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Advantages of Installation of Blind from Us

We deal with products which serve as the handful of benefits to the South Australian projects. Keeping in front all the standard designs and stuff we are presenting you Country’s beautiful collection of blinds, curtains, shades and awnings. You have waited for enough time to renovate your house. Now is the time to treat yourself and your home with beautiful and elegant designs of blinds from us.

Big Range of Quality and Choice

We have a full block out coated range of fabrics available in different attractive colors and textures. We can use any curtain fabrics to ensure the quality of the product. Along with these advancements, our company provides the facility of custom made blinds too. All of this comes in the best warranty of material, long and healthy life and rated as best of choices.

Hardware You will be Satisfied With

Not to worry if the simple standard hardware made of silver does not suit the interior of your home! Country factory offers you hardware with more than just one or two styles and designs. We are managing a variety of different designs ranging from timber-look or brass fittings for your cleats with various styles of products at the store, all these to make sure of what will match your visions.

Head Rails All Fabric Wrapped!

Country gives you Roman Blinds with the head rails completely wrapped in fabric. We take full notice of not just covering it up. Our blinds are fully head railed with fabric to look great from every angle. The reason we use fabric head rails is to prevent the product from wrapping it in cheap cover-ups.

Detailed Stitched

The team of sewers at Country is aimed to provide the artifacts whose value will never be underestimated. Unlike many other standard designs, we sew our blinds with pockets into its back. And we believe that addition of only this detail makes a great difference in our product. Our experience is what brings us apart.

How are Roman Blinds Useful?

You may know that these blinds usually are a great pick for the decoration of your home’s interior. Our Roman Blinds are a great option for people in multiple ways. Here is the overview of why you should have these blinds.

⦁ Uncountable Design Choices
⦁ Have Full Control on Light
⦁ Best for Small sized Windows
⦁ Offers Low Budget
⦁ Flexibility and Versatility
⦁ Efficiently Operated
⦁ Gives Tidy and Spotless Look
⦁ Good Privacy keeper

Why Recommend Country Blinds

Coming to Country Blinds in order to give a new and tidy look to your homes and offices is a worthy decision. We are serving every home in South Australia with the unique designs of Roman Blinds, Shutters and Curtains. Range of designs is nearly limitless at Country. From modern to simple, from ready made to custom designs, our team members will work on your blinds accordingly. Going further, you can also enquire about the list of products available at our site.

Just put all your wait to an end and talk to our consultants about the color, textures and fabric you want then see us working on it all alongside with your required features. We have been working since 1987 to make the name of South Australia a proud one. Coming to the warranty of each of our products. Every product at Country comes with a trustworthy warranty of 5 years. Contact us or simply ask us now and Country will help you out.

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