Add Less Calories To Your Diet With Chocolate Flavored Cakes

 Add Less Calories To Your Diet With Chocolate Flavored Cakes

Having something sweet after dinner is the new trend in this world. Most people love to have cakes in their dessert. It not only completes your dinner but also helps you feel full. If you’re having midnight cravings, then you can open the refrigerator and have a cake. 

Some of the well-known cakes are mentioned below:-

Fruit and nut cake

This is a vanilla cake; it consists of four layers of cake dough covered with a thick layer of heavy vanilla cream. The top of it is decorated with fresh fruit slices like apple, dragon fruit, strawberry, and kiwi. All the fruit over it gives it a look like it is the crown of a Princess. The cake is then sprinkled heavily with many nuts like walnut, almonds, pistachio, cashew, and raisins. 

Yellow butter cake

Many children’s birthdays are celebrated with a leaf cake version of this dessert with a mug with chocolate icing and a rainbow splash. In yellow butter cookies, the butter and sugar are often mixed together (currently with an electric mixer), then the dry and wet ingredients are added, but there is also a “calculated” version where all the ingredients are put in a bowl and mixed together. 

Butter pound cake

Named because it is made with one kilo of the main ingredients (flour, butter and sugar), this cake does not expand much when baked and is very dense in texture. Our version contains matcha and cocoa powder, but the classic recipe only contains vanilla extract for seasoning. Bake one of these beauties in a bun or bundt pan. Enjoy it with your friends or family and let go of everyday’s tension in a second. You can also send cake online to surprise your loved ones and make their day.

Carrot cake

Soaked in baking soda and baking soda, this shortened cake uses butter as its main fat instead of butter. The addition of grated carrots makes this cake very juicy. The carrot cake is also seasoned with warm spices and topped with a rich cream cheese glaze. Pecans or walnuts are optional!

Angel food cakes

The lightest light angel cake is made with just beaten egg whites and without the addition of fat. It’s baked in a special angel food cake pan, often refrigerated upside down (in the pan) to get an airy texture. A lot of sugar in angel cake gives it a chewy and mushroom-like texture. The best online cake delivery in Delhi has been our goal. We are providing the best premium cakes.

Devil’s Food Cakes

This cake is made “devil” by adding cocoa in the form of cocoa powder. The extra baking powder ensures that the crumbs have more air bubbles and a light, airy texture. This rich cake is frosted with chocolate icing or buttercream.

Opera cake

A thin layer of coffee-soaked almond cake is sandwiched between espresso-flavoured buttercream, bittersweet chocolate ganache, and a second rich chocolate ganache. Light but rich, this cake is a real breakfast.

Blue fantasy cake

This cake is majorly ordered for a get-together. The rich colour and heavenly taste of this cake make people fall in love with it. This is a blueberry cake, and blueberry extracts also do the colouring over the cake. The theme of this cake is fully customizable. 

Choco pinata cakes

This cake is a perfect gift for a birthday party. The cake is creation from a thick layer of solid chocolate, which can be shaping according to your choice. The thick chocolate shell will be empty from inside. Thus you can fill it with chocolates, toys, and many other exciting gifts. 

You can also make and fill the centre space with another cake of any flavour if you want. While celebrating, one has to break that exterior hard chocolate cell to reach her surprise. This cake can also for gender reveal parties, and we can fill the interior of this cake according to gender color. 

Double dark chocolate cakes

This is a dream cake for many people. People who love chocolate will be crazy happy after having this cake. This cake is heavily load with chocolate. Moreover, the base of this cake is of chocolate. It has ice with heavy chocolate cream, and the top is heavily sprinkling with chocolate chips. 

But that doesn’t stop here, the cake is hollow from the inside, and it’s filled with dense liquid chocolate, which will flow out like lava when you cut this cake. The minimum size of this cake is 1 kilogram, and it is to consume within 2 to 3 days of delivery. This cake is available in varieties, firstly dark chocolate and secondly white chocolate. 

Healthy Choco Protein Mug Cake

Are you on a diet but still want to eat cakes? The protein chocolate cake is full of nutrients with the least amount of carbohydrates. The ingredients used in it are healthy and can help you in your workout sessions.

Choco chips, cashew nuts and almonds are sprinkling over the top of the base before baking. This makes the protein cake even healthier. The ingredients of this cake are very special since they are different from the ingredients of other cakes, which are Whey protein, cocoa powder, chocolate milk, vanilla extract, egg whites, baking powder, coconut milk or almond milk, etc. These ingredients are perfect for preparing a healthy post-working meal. This cake has the least amount of carbs which can help regulate your calorie intake. This is the best cake for your gym-loving friend.


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