Advantages and disadvantages of e skateboards

 Advantages and disadvantages of e skateboards

Segway and monowheel differ mainly in their hands-free driving. Although Segways also work with the shift of weight but are visually rather single-axle electric scooters. riorand hoverboards or airboard, on the other hand, is the two-wheeled variant of a monowheel. The unicycle scooters work with the same principle of operation, but balance themselves through movement.

Despite optical differences and special shapes, Solowheel or Monowheel models always have many similarities. The main differences result from the built-in hardware, which leads to various performance features. The following table lists the most important properties and some guidelines for guidance:


  • Speeds between 18 and 40 km/h
  • Power from 350 to 1,500 watts
  • Performance partially adjustable


  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Range of up to 55 km
  • Charging times 1 – 6 hours


  • Fold-out pedals
  • Payload up to 120 kg
  • Extendable handles

Monowheel and accessories

Safely on the monowheel after just 30 minutes

The intuitive control is considered a great advantage of mono or solo heels. Although driving looks very difficult for most beginners at first glance, according to some experts, anyone can learn this within 30 to 60 minutes. However, for beginners rather small and weaker monowheel motors are recommended.

The maximum speed can only be extended in special practice areas anyway. To facilitate handling, straps are also used, which give more support during ascent. There are also retractable training wheels for novice drivers. A useful accessory is a monowheel stand in which you can store the unicycle.

Monowheel accessories: All-terrain tires recommended for changeable surfaces

In addition to the already mentioned belts, training wheels, and stands, spare parts, in particular, are popular accessories. best type of stakeboards wheels are also available in different diameters and profile thicknesses. If you are not only driving on a flat, flat surface, so-called “all-terrain tires” are well suited.

For your own safety, protectors and a helmet are also recommended. If the monowheel is too large for the backpack, transport bags in adapted sizes are also available in stores. Most of the time, these bags have recesses through which you can grip the carrying handle of the wheel.

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