Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Generators –  A Reality Check

 Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Generators –  A Reality Check

From powering electrical appliances off-the-grid to making survival easy at camping sites, solar generators are phenomenal at helping one out. Every good thing carries a few cons, these solar power generators are no exception. 

For the sake of simplicity, let me tell the pre-requisites you must have when you wish to own a solar generator. Though the generator is more like a battery, it needs coupling with solar panels and solar inverters to become workable. 

Over time, solar generators are growing to be the favorite power resource due to a lot of many reasons. How about discussing them in a streamlined fashion to help clear all the confusion you have in your head? 

Advantages of Solar Power Generators 

No Noise & Air Pollution 

Solar panels are usually noise free and really easy to work around. 

Unlike regular generators that make electricity out of fuel, these use sunlight. Now there is nothing generating noise between the provision of the sun and the process through which it is transformed into energy and electricity. 

Moreover, this renewable asset produces no hazardous gasses that are contributing to the climate crisis the world is facing currently. 

Consistent Source of Energy

In contrast to fossil fuels, the sun has more than enough energy to supply the entire world’s energy needs, and it won’t run out anytime soon. 

The sole constraint on solar energy as a renewable resource is our capacity to efficiently and economically convert it to electricity. 

Solar energy has a much lower environmental impact than other forms of power generation since it is a renewable source of CO2-free energy.

Low Maintenance Cost 

You might have been there where you need to spend great bucks to keep your gas generators alive. Solar generators have no such requirements. Unlike gas generators, solar generators have no moving parts. This compensates for low expenditure on maintenance in terms of fueling and oiling. 

As it is self-sufficient in turning solar energy into electric power currents, you don’t really need to take care of it. 

Disadvantages of Solar Power Generators 

A Huge Sum of Money is Needed for the Purchase 

Though it’s a long-term investment, you can never have it without breaking the bank unless you have massive savings because you have to spend on a solar generator, solar panels, solar charge controller, and an inverter. All these essentials are needed upfront to use an independent solar generator. 

On average, you need about $2000 to go off the grid for only a couple of appliances. For a complete shift to solar energy, you might need $5000 plus to satisfy your needs for a complete change to solar power. On the contrary, a gas generator can be bought at half the price of solar generators. 

Slow Recharching Ability 

It takes hours and hours for a solar battery to charge fully. It does not fit many situations unless you are out on vacation or have experienced a power shortage only for a short span. A solar panel with a power output of 100 Watts takes at least 9 hours to charge. 

Wait for the Sun to be Out 

You can never charge it in a cloud cover. Direct sun rays are essential in stimulating the silicon cells that are installed within the belly of a solar panel. The same goes for a rainy day. 

Limited Power Supply 

The number of devices you can operate with a solar generator depends on the size. However, it depends on you to make the right choices to meet your needs. Gas generators aren’t that limited. The more you fuel in, the better the power and the greater the electricity. 

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