Affordable Loft Conversions Service in Town

 Affordable Loft Conversions Service in Town

Loft Conversions Lymington

Loft Conversions Lymington are a great way to add extra space to your home, whether it is a bedroom, office space, master suite or even a playroom. If well-constructed, they add value to your property as well.  What’s more, it is the most economical way of adding space than adding or extending the basement.

Mountebank Development Ltd comprises a team of knowledgeable and experienced builders who will ensure that the construction complements the original brickwork and blends seamlessly with your home.

The rewarding benefits of Loft Conversions

Increased living space: As new members arrive in the family or younger generation reach their teenage years, lack of living space remains one of the main reason’s families/homeowners consider moving to a larger property. Rather than moving to a larger property, loft conversions are easy and quick to transform.

Adds value to your home: a loft conversion does not only reward you with extra space but also adds value to your property.

Room with a view: All loft conversions have large windows, which are often located on the roof. Therefore, they are not ideal for stargazing on clear evenings. They also allow you to see your local area from a whole new perspective, making every loft conversion a room with a spectacular view.

Energy-efficient: It might surprise some people that loft conversions have numerous home efficiency benefits. As mentioned before, loft conversions are filled with large windows, meaning that for most of the day, they only utilize natural lighting.  While in other rooms, artificial lighting is required as the light is usually blocked by other properties or trees and other properties outside, but loft conversions can be lit by natural lighting throughout the daytime.

Easier than moving home: loft conversion is a hundred times better and easier than moving house, and to avoid the hassle of selling up, loft conversions are a perfect alternative. On top of that, when purchasing a new home, you will have to cover the cost of a deposit with additional expenses such as solicitor fee stamp duty or surveying.

Encourages a clear-out: an unused and empty loft quickly becomes the home of all old belongings or furniture. Before you even know it, the place will be filled with clutter. So, opting to begin the loft conversion process will force you to clear out every corner of the space- a perfect opportunity to say goodbye to the items you no longer need.

Our other remarkable services:

  • New builds
  • Roofing
  • Refurbishment
  • Windows & Doors
  • Extensions and conservatories
  • Kitchens & Bathroom
  • Loft conversion planning drawings

Choose the best type of loft conversion for your home.

It is important to choose the best type of loft conversion for your home, depending on the height and shape of your roof.

Roof light loft conversion

  • Adding roof lights are the cheapest way to convert to a loft
  • Minimal disruption and construction work required
  • Economical way to get the extra space

Dormer loft conversion

  • Although marginally more expensive, they provide a generous amount of additional floor spacing.
  • Enhances your lifestyle and a great investment to add value to your home
  • Ranging from Georgian and Victorian, a dormer is available to suit all styles and types of homes.

Hip to gable loft conversion

  • This one is only suitable with a free sloping side roof
  • A remarkable way to a lot of space for anything such as bedroom and extra bathroom, a home office or even a gym.
  • Suitable for bungalows, detached and semi-detached homes

L-shaped loft conversion

  • A great way to create enough space with multiple rooms
  • This one involves the creation of two- dormers which connect to another dormer

Mansard loft conversion

  • This type of loft conversion alters the entire shape of a roof, making the roof structure almost vertical.
  • Gets the additional space you need without having to move the house
  • Suitable for the majority of homes

Your dream kitchen awaits

It is important to choose a kitchen style that you adore. We have a range of products, allowing you to design the kitchen of your dreams. Our kitchen design Bournemouth is the perfect opportunity to describe exactly what your kitchen should be and how you imagine it. What’s more, we supply your chosen material; even if you already have a design, we can check that and ensure that your kitchen is designed and installed according to your needs and specifications.

All-inclusive loft conversion services

Mountbank Development Ltd places great importance on the quality of our loft conversions and other noticeable services once they are completed, and equally, on the journey, you experience with us.

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