Airbnb podcasts you should listen to grow your business

 Airbnb podcasts you should listen to grow your business

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As a busy host or property manager, you’re always juggling a variety of everyday chores, making it difficult to carve out time for serious reading in your packed schedule. Unsurprisingly, vacation rental podcasts have grown in popularity as a way for hosts to keep current and better their game. Indeed, according to Infinite Dial’s figures, over half of the US population has listened to a podcast, with about 40% having done so in the recent month.

Are you seeking podcasts that will educate you about the short-term rental sector and help you improve your knowledge and abilities in property management? Take a look at our selection of the top 15 Airbnb podcasts to discover the ones that are most appealing to you.

1. Matt Landau’s Unlocked

Matt Landau hosts Unlocked, an Airbnb podcast. He is not simply a well-known podcaster; he is also the creator of VRMB. He interviews eminent members of VRMB’s Inner Circle and forward-thinking vacation rental professionals throughout the episodes. Carl Shepherd, the co-founder of HomeAway, Julie Brinkman, CEO of Beyond Pricing, and Heather Bayer, fellow podcaster and best friend, have all previously been on the show.

You will learn the following:

1. Using automation to manage vacation rentals

2. Techniques of expansion

3. Housekeeping’s intricacies

This podcast is available in the following locations:

On Unlocked’s website, you may listen to the podcast.

2. David Leroux’s podcast about Airbnb Investment Properties

If you’re short on time to listen to podcasts, David Leroux’s method will appeal to you. He is an entrepreneur and the author of the book Airbnb Investment Properties Cash Flow Method.

His podcast episodes are around five minutes long, and you may listen to over 670 of them. While hosts will gain helpful information as well, his podcast is geared toward real estate investors and entrepreneurs interested in learning more about purchasing, renting, or subleasing a property.

You will learn the following:

1. How to locate the finest Airbnb rental homes for investment purposes

2. Guests that are tough to deal with

3. Renting an Airbnb and furnishing it

This podcast is available in the following locations:

Spotify is the official home of the Airbnb Investment Properties Podcast.

3. Annette and Sarah Thanks for Visiting

You may listen to this successful pair and their guest speakers provide advice once a week. Annette has commercial operations expertise, while Sarah has an interior design and hotel management background. Whether you want to do it part-time or full-time, the ladies’ tales, thoughts, and ideas will help you make the most of your listing(s) and achieve rental success.

You will learn the following:

1. Preventive maintenance and security

2. Hospitality sector insider’s secrets

3. Marketing

This podcast is available in the following locations:

Thanks for Visiting may be heard on the band’s website.

3. Evelyn Badia’s Hosting Journey

For more than a decade, Evelyn Badia has been an Airbnb host. She is an Airbnb Superhost and coach, and she will assist you in reaching your maximum potential by giving the most up-to-date insights and concrete methods. She is presently situated in New York and releases new podcast episodes twice a month. She often welcomes expert guests to her program.

You will learn the following:

1. Market awareness

2. How to make your Airbnb listings more appealing to potential guests (and tips for renovating)

3. Geared at Airbnb hosts: tools and goods

This podcast is available in the following locations:

The Hosting Journey’s website allows you to listen to the podcast online.

4. Brandon Turner and David Greene’s BiggerPockets

The BiggerPockets Podcast is available every Thursday to hosts and property managers. Brandon Turner and David Greene, the hosts, speak with investors about their successes, failures, motives, and lessons learned.

Brandon and David have also authored many books on real estate investment. They bring together decades of real estate expertise. As a result, you’re certain to get acquainted with the real estate market’s ins and outs.

You will learn the following:

1. How to increase the size of your rental portfolio

2. Investing in long-term projects

3. Creating a source of passive income

This podcast is available in the following locations:

On the BiggerPockets website, you may access the podcast.

5. Debi and Rob Hertert’s Hosting Your Home

The hosts of the Hosting Your Home podcast are Debi and Rob Herbert. For more than a decade, the husband-and-wife pair has rented out residences. They’ve met several instances of hospitality throughout this period that demonstrate how the sharing economy is propelled forward by hosts’ desire to connect with their visitors. They interview Superhosts about their challenges, triumphs, and guest experiences in their under-represented hosts series.

You will learn the following:

1. Pointers on photography

2. Aspects of hosting’s financial viability

3. Creating one-of-a-kind visitor encounters

This podcast is available in the following locations:

Hosting Your Home’s website allows you to listen to it.

6. Jon Bell and Julian Sage’s Vacation Rental Machine

The Vacation Rental Machine podcast, hosted by Jon Bell and Julian Sage, focuses on the mechanisms that need to be implemented to automate your vacation rental company. Each episode lasts between four and fourteen minutes, and new episodes are uploaded on Tuesdays.

You will learn the following:

1. Management of cleaning

2. Embedding smart house gadgets and other PropTech technologies in your daily routine

3. Co-hosting

This podcast is available in the following locations:

On Listen Notes or iTunes, you may listen to Vacation Rental Machine.

7. Rob Bence and Rob Dix’s The Property Podcast

The Property Podcast is a podcast produced by the Property Hub for new and seasoned property investors. Each month, they provide an update on the vacation rental market in the United Kingdom, making it an especially important resource for hosts and property managers based in the United Kingdom. Additionally, they host “Ask Rob & Rob” programs in which listeners may ask the property investment pair questions. They’ve added over 430 episodes so far, and the podcast has over 180,000 monthly downloads.

You will learn the following:

1. How to locate profitable real estate transactions

2. Financing options for real estate

3. The best locations in the United Kingdom for investment

This podcast is available in the following locations:

Property Hub’s website has a player.

Vacation Rental Software makes the management of your rental easier

It is critical for property managers and podcast presenters to be able to use the information gained via podcasts. As many of these podcasts propose, vacation rental pros should use automation to simplify their normal processes to take it a step further and enhance their property management. For instance, Lodgable, one of the industry’s leading vacation rental software systems, can assist property managers and rental hosts. There are channel manager tools out there like Lodgable that offer many necessary tools including, channel management, websites, dynamic pricing, and listing optimization. 

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