All you need to know about architecture firm ranking

Every year, a prestigious architecture awards organization conducts a ranking of the top Architecture firms in Irvine. The Architecture Firm Ranking Awards are awarded to twelve groups from different industries, regions and countries. In order to be considered for this award, each group must have completed at least one major project in the year before the award date.
A panel of expert architects selects nominations that go up for public vote. Voting takes place over a period of three weeks and you can nominate as many groups as you like. Only those groups with six or more nominations will be considered for the final round of voting and a tie-breaker is used if there’s a tie between two or more groups with five nominations each to determine which group moves forward in the contest.
To be considered for architecture firm ranking the group must have a history of practices that span at least five years and a majority of the principal architects in the group must have been practicing for at least six years. If you are interested, you may also submit your own nomination form on the organization’s website. This is recommended as they will do thorough research to see if they fit their criteria.
For architecture firm ranking awards, the competition is tough. The top Architecture firms in Irvine are all graded on their designs for public architecture, commercial Architecture architecture and residential Architecture architecture. A staff of expert architects will judge each of these groups based on the merit, innovation and viability of their various projects. All entries must be submitted with a portfolio of their work and a video of the group introducing their firm. Once the votes have been tallied, the top Architecture firms in Irvine will be contacted for future work opportunities.

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