All you need to know about shower screens before buying them

 All you need to know about shower screens before buying them

shower screens

A shower screen is a glass panel which plays the role of a barrier between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. It is better than shower curtain as it is a permanent fixture. A shower screen also prevents water from spreading everywhere when you are taking shower.

5 different shapes and sizes of shower screens

shower screens
shower screens
  • Straight- Here one panel fits along the straight edge of the bath. They give a simple and minimalist look. They serve great for bathrooms used by children or by people needing accessibility. You can fit a long screen that would prevent splashing and also provide a luxurious look to a big family bathroom. For a small bathroom you can opt for small shower screen.
  • Curved- these shower screens are best used for a curved or p- shaped bath.
  • L-shaped- Possesses a short and perpendicular panel at extreme end that creates an enclosure fitting over the edge of an L- shaped bath. It gives your space a customized finish. It keeps the bath dry and tidy.
  • Sliding- Here a long panel extending across the whole length of the bathroom. It has the ability to slide back to half of its total length. The sliding functionality allows easy access and solves space problem.
  • Folding- Hinges divide the shower screen in the middle which makes it possible to fold it inwards or outwards. In fold shower screens are for small bathrooms as it would allow more space while you are going in or coming out of the bath.

3 types of finishes of a shower screen

  • Transparent- It is the most common style of shower screen and is a simple panel of transparent glass. Both traditional and modern bathrooms can have it. Light can pass freely all throughout your bathroom making the space look bright and open.
  • Mirrored- Here the outward facing side has a mirrored finish which adds to privacy. It has dual role i.e., acts both as mirror and also as a shower screen. It is suitable for small bathrooms as it makes the space look larger by reflecting light.
  • Frosted- You cannot see through it as it is has grain like texture to it. it allows some amount of light to pass through it. If you want your bathroom to be airy yet private, this is the best option for you.

Parts of a shower screen

All you need to know about shower screens before buying them
Shower screens
  • Large glass panel which is the actual shower screen.
  • One bracket for the edge of the shower screen fitting against the wall.
  • A seal which fits at the bottom of the screen to prevent water from seeping out between the bath’s top and the shower screen.

Are you worried if you can afford a shower screen for your bath?

Shower screens come in different price ranges. Pick the one which suites your pocket.

  • Low priced- Starting price is $550. The basic models of shower panels cost about $345.
  • Mid-priced- Price varies with different shapes and sizes. Price approximately ranges around $750-$1000.
  • High priced- Price ranges between $2500- $4000

What to keep in mind before buying a shower screen?

Make sure that the safety glasses are of high quality and considerably tough. To prevent injury, ascertain that the edges are smooth. You can go for folding ones that can be tucked out when children are around.

How to maintain a shower screen?

To prevent staining, clean them on a regular basis. After each use, wipe it so that it is dry. High priced shower screens have easy-clean coating which makes the maintenance much easier. Follow these steps to make your bathroom look tip-top and your shower screen to look new for a long time.


Based on the size of your bathroom and your requirement you have custom made shower screens designed and installed from experienced professionals.

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