Allo: the world’s leading distributor of refurbished products

Would you like to take a luxury smartphone without buying it at the price of a new one? In this case, buying a refurbished smartphone is one of the best solutions available to you. You just need to identify a store specializing in the sale of refurbished products to buy the latest generation smartphone at a price lower than the new one. The Allo boutique is a benchmark in this area. Here is what you need to know about Alo, the world’s leading smartphone distributor.

Why should you choose Allo?

Founded in 2018, AO is today one of the major global distributors of refurbished products on the French market and around the world. It is now the source of supply for most of the other shops that sell refurbished products.

You will understand, here you are dealing with a wholesaler who sells his products at an unbeatable price. You will find at AO several ranges of refurbished phones. Namely iPhone,  iPad, and  Samsung. You can also take advantage of the best deals for your purchase by participating in black Friday.

Enjoy quality products at Allo

The quality of the reconditioned products sold by the Allo store is indisputable. Indeed, Allo uses original parts to recondition its products in certified factories. It is therefore impossible that you will be disappointed with your purchase because the Allo Allo store makes sure to deliver a refurbished smartphone of excellent quality.

Responsive customer support

AO puts the satisfaction of its customers above all else by guaranteeing them the best possible experience. Likewise, it provides them with a customer service department trained to meet their concerns.

In addition, unlike other distributors of reconditioned products, Allo gives its customers the possibility of opening a request for assistance in the event that they receive a broken or non-compliant product.

To solve problems related to broken products, for example, the Alo store asks its customers to provide detailed photos of the problem and to avoid all forms of repair. It is then responsible for evaluating to what extent the problem submitted by the customer ( product repair, product reimbursement, etc. ) can be resolved.

What are the payment methods used by Allo?

There is nothing easier than buying a  refurbished iPhone on Alo. All you need is a bank card to make your purchase on this site. Likewise, Allo makes sure to provide you with a secure payment service for all your purchases by setting up the method of validation and confirmation of your order by email.

How is the delivery at Allo?

Allo can deliver your smartphone anywhere in France. However, the delivery time may vary depending on the delivery method you choose. Two delivery methods are available on Allo namely:

  • Standard delivery ( the package is usually delivered within 4 to 6 days from the day of purchase )
  • Priority delivery ( delivery is made within 24 to 48 hours after purchase )

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