Approximately What Is The Average Time It Takes To Demolish A Building?

It will take four to eight days to demolish a building. This depends on its size and complexity. If the building is semi-, or terraced, it will cost more to demolish.

It can be difficult to remove asbestos from roofing, cladding and rainwater goods. A specialist contractor should provide a report and a quote regarding the handling and elimination of asbestos.

Environmental Impact

As part of the pre-application process for a new dwelling, a local planning authority may request that a wildlife survey be done in rural areas.

A specialist report is required if there are signs of endangered species, such as bats or barnowls, great crested and/or badgers. It will contain recommendations on the best time to remove the structure as well as mitigation measures, such creating other habitats.

An example of a typical order for building demolition

This is the typical sequence of work required to demolish a building.

  • All services must be cut or capped, including main water, electricity, and sewer connection.
  • Secure the site by erecting scaffold where necessary
  • Hazardous material (i.e. If necessary, licensed professionals or specialists can remove hazardous material (i.e.
  • All sanitary ware and kitchen items that are not in use should be removed. Remove all wiring, lighting, plumbing, radiators, etc.
  • All doors, frames and linings must be removed.
  • Remove roof and install lead flashings
  • Remove structural timbers, joists and trusses
  • You can, for example, demolish walls or salvage bricks. You can also remove any materials that are not needed for crushing.
  • Get rid of all traces from the past and get rid of redundant drains.

What happens if the property doesn’t have a detached location?

You may need to evict a property that isn’t a detached house. However, adjacent properties might have a right of support. This is a special type of easement that is recognized and protected under law.

It is your responsibility to protect the buildings and complete the demolition work on time. The same support rights are applicable if you excavate ground next to another neighbor, for example, foundations or basements. If the demolition works affect party walls, a party wall agreement must also be reached.

Services for Residential Building Demolition

Demolition Melbourne provides a variety of residential Melbourne building removal experts services. Our professionalism and expertise will ensure that any job is completed efficiently from start to finish. We provide high-quality results at reasonable prices, which will allow you to save money on commercial and residential demolitions.      

We are proud of our Melbourne customers’ excellent service and affordable prices.

  • Free, no obligation quote
  • All sizes and shapes of houses are demolished
  • Trusted company with many years of experience
  • Transparent from beginning to end
  • A clean and tidy workplace with emphasis on recycling
  • Asbestos disposal and removal
  • Demolition permits for Class 1 and 2
  • Local councils experience and documentation
  • We offer competitive pricing that will beat any written quotation.

Our Domestic Demolition Services

Our Demolition Melbourne building demolition experts are chosen for many reasons. It might be that you love your neighbours, your children go to the best schools in Melbourne or it may be more cost-effective to start over than renovating.

Investors of all sizes may choose to tear down a house in order to build a brand new one. This will increase their rental income. A demolition company can be hired to remove a section of the house while keeping some of its original structure intact. This will allow for an extension.

A pool may be removed to increase space in your yard and decrease the maintenance needed. Fill the hole with sand, then add your new landscaping.

You can be sure that no matter your motivations, our house demolition services will not fail you.

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