Arabic Series 2022

 Arabic Series 2022

“Ramadan 2022: Welad Abed” will be aired on Al Jazeera’s channel as the upcoming Ramadan series. Written by Samah Al-Hariri and directed by Akram Farid, “Welad Abed” will also star Hayat Al-Fahd, Ali Al-Sabaa, Habib Ghuloom, and Hamad El-Omani.

Yousra in Ramadan 2022

Egyptian megastar Yousra will appear in a new TV series during Ramadan 2022. “Ahlam Saeeda” will be written and directed by Amr Arafa and will star Yousra. The show will focus on the troubles of three female friends. Ghada Adel, Mai Kassab, and Shaima Seif will appear in the series. The new series will also air on the Shahid platform.

Yousra is an exemplary character, a woman obsessed with cleanliness and association. She is very particular about the way her home is arranged, even to the point of harassing the maid for moving a remote control to a different position. She also wears enticing outfits to maintain her high social status. She even lives in a palace, a fitting place for a woman of her stature.

While Egyptian actors have been silent about salaries for the past several years, the latest news about Yousra in Ramadan 2032 shows the highest salaries among them. This year’s Ramadan 2022 season includes 36 series, including dramas. Yousra is among the highest-paid stars in the industry, with nearly 30 million Egyptian pounds earmarked for her role in “Happy Dreams”.


Currently in its fifth season, the Arabic television series Al-Hayba centers on a fictional village near the Syrian-Lebanese border, where a family feud has lasted for generations. Jabal, the clan’s leader, uses traditional clan customs to stay in power. This year, his family is bereaved by the death of Adel, a young man they named after Jabal.

This television show has won a variety of awards and is well worth a watch. The main character is a Lebanese comedian, Adel Karam. He delivers big punchlines and recounts personal experiences. If you’re an intermediate Arabic student, try to follow along without subtitles. The subtitles are in Spoken Arabic, so you can check them out if you don’t understand a particular part. This is also a great way to learn about common Arab stereotypes.

Al-Hayba is another popular Netflix Arabic series. Initially, it was known as fndq jrnd, and the Egyptian version of the show was known as The Grand Hotel. However, its title has now been changed to The Secret of the Nile, and the Emirati series quickly became one of the most popular series in the region. A number of well-known Arab actors have starred in the series, including Emirati actor Maxim Khalil.


If you are a fan of Arabic drama, you should watch Al-Zahiriya, which is set in 1978. This drama follows a murder victim’s journey to Saudi Arabia’s capital, where she attempts to avenge her killer’s death. The series stars Syrian actor Adwa Fahd and is directed by Saed Bashir Al-Hawari. It will premiere during Ramadan.

This Ramadan, you should also check out “Spot Light,” which is the 15th part of a Syrian series. The series centers on the psychological worlds of the heroes. The series is produced by Ebla International and directed by Seif El-Din Subai’i. This series was created by the same company that produced Al-Zahiriya. It has become a hit on Arabic television.

Al-Zahiriya, Arabic series 2022 features three movies. “The Family of Abdel Hamid Hafez” is a drama focusing on the family ties between two brothers. “On Love” is a comedy involving a young man and a girl from an aristocratic family. In “Baby,” the story of a young man falls into a love triangle and ultimately he has to choose between his love and his family.

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