Are Rapid COVID Tests Reliable?

 Are Rapid COVID Tests Reliable?

Rapid COVID test is a buzzing word in the field of medicine ever since the Sars COVID-19 took a tool in our life. The quick 15 minutes test is the word of every tongue and millions of people are using them to get themselves tested. It works as a handy option to get ourselves tested from our comfort zone without risking other people by traveling to the COVID test centers.

Rapid antigen tests are the best form of a testing kit to get yourself tested for this deadly virus and get your mind off those prompting symptoms. The rapid antigen test is the kind of testing tool which takes swabs from your nasal and detects the virus related to the COVID-19. The testing kit contains two nostril swabs, a liquid and a testing device. These tests are economically feasible and do not drill your pockets as compared to the conventional testing centres.

The rapid antigen test takes approx 20 minutes to get the result. The result is in the form of “C” and “T”.  The rapid antigen test denotes the proteins of the virus. If the line is at or below “C” it means that the virus protein is not present in the individual and if the line is at “T” it means that the virus protein is present in the individual.

The rapid antigen test kit is an alternative to the PCR test. PCR tests are more accurate as compared to the rapid antigen test. A PCR test can fully detect the virus while an antigen test can detect a few traces of the virus protein.

Are Rapid Antigen Tests Accurate? If So Then by What Extent?

An antigen test has several complexities as they are not beneficial for the person who is asymptomatic with the virus. As with the asymptomatic person the antigen test can deliver false results sometimes because the antigen test only detects the presence of protein contained in the virus.

The method of determining the presence of virus in the sample is that in an antigen test the liquid molecules of the virus get attached to the swab and help in detecting the virus. If a line appears then the result is positive and if not then the result is negative.

The quick antigen test is very often accurate and is well worth testing if you suspect you have COVID-19. The odds of getting an inaccurate reading, either positive or negative, is exceedingly low, less than 1%. If you obtain a negative test result, don’t worry: almost 99.5% of negative results are accurate, indicating that you don’t have COVID.

If you obtain a positive test, you most probably have COVID-19. If at all feasible, you should undergo a more accurate follow-up RT-PCR test right away.

The antigen test kit is for those who want to get quick results, either for a trip or to attend an event.

The rapid antigen test kit helps you make sure if you have the virus or not. They are inexpensive and can give results quickly.

Benefits of Antigen Test (Rapid COVID Test)

  • Instant Results within 15 minutes
  • The antigen test comes in handy and the person can do it by themselves.
  • It helps in the further spread of the virus by moving to places to get yourself checked.


The home rapid antigen is a suitable alternative to the formal testing solution that is the PCR test and helps with the process of getting tested in a conventional testing center. It is travel friendly and comes in handy while traveling. You can use it from anywhere and can test yourself without having to move to test centers. There are highly reputable Covid test centers such as Covid Travel Vancouver, where you can get tested very quickly.


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