Are Vitamins Effective? 5 Benefits of Daily Multivitamins

 Are Vitamins Effective? 5 Benefits of Daily Multivitamins

Do multivitamins work?

Supplements have been around for decades. Despite that fact, there still seems to be this ongoing debate as to whether there are any benefits in taking them.

You’ve probably heard phrases like, “There are enough nutrients in your food if you eat well”. While that might be true in an ideal world, sadly life is not that simple. So, let’s discuss some of the issues surrounding the question “are vitamins effective?” and get to the bottom of this controversy. 

We’ve prepared 5 known benefits of multivitamins and why taking them is more than wishful thinking. Keep reading to find out more. 

1. Not All Vitamins Are Widely Available in Food

As we previously mentioned, in an ideal world this wouldn’t be the case. But the truth is, some vitamins may be harder to come by than others, depending on where you’re from.

For instance, in colder countries with shorter days year-round, the population tends to be more deficient in Vitamin D than people from warmer and sunnier climates. This is because Vitamin D is primarily absorbed by the skin. Another example is vitamin B12, which comes primarily from animal products. Those on a vegan diet may find B12 rich foods are not as available as foods from animals. 

A multivitamin supplement geared towards a vegan diet like multivitamin tablets from Vitabiotics would be ideal for compensating for the lack of vitamin availability. 

2. Absorption of Vitamins Decreases with Age

Another common assumption about vitamin absorption is that body continues to take in vitamins later in life as it did in its youth. You don’t necessarily need a Ph.D. to understand why that would be an unreasonable conclusion. Furthermore, many medications that are common to older age tend to hinder nutrient absorption which can lead to extra challenges to health. 

The benefits of daily vitamins can help to offset the effects of nutrient deficiency at a later date.

3. Vitamins Help with Chronic Illnesses

Many Chronic illnesses like Chrohn’s or Celiac disease can have a huge impact on the body’s ability to take in nutrients. The benefits of v¡tamin supplements are never more obvious than in such situations. 

These types of illnesses tend to create a vicious cycle of malnourishment in which the condition can worsen due to a lack of certain nutrients. 

4. Immune Support

This has been a concern for many, especially during the pandemic period. Depending on the season, the strength of the immune system varies as does the spread of viruses. Taking multivitamin supplements, especially during harsh winters, can help your immune system to be strong enough to face whatever the world throws at it!

5. Brain Function

Many vitamins, like the D and B groups, are essential for hormone creation and regulation. Many aspects of our mood and our mental sharpness have to do with how balanced our hormones are.

Using vitamins to offset symptoms such as PMS and anxiety, for instance, can help you to get along with your daily routine without being slowed down mentally and emotionally. 

Are Vitamins Effective?

So, are vitamins effective? Yes; depending on how you are using them.

What we mean by that is that supplements should be used as they are described—as supplements, not a panacea. Supplementing a healthy diet and routine with vitamin products from a reputable brand is a great way to make sure that your mind and body are reaching their full potential.  

So, the question is not really “do vitamins work?” but “what am I doing to make sure that they do?”

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