Are you advertising an office cleaning company?

 Are you advertising an office cleaning company?

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If you are considering starting your own janitorial/cleaning business, here are some low-cost advertising strategies and techniques to help you get an account for your office cleaning business.

Starting an office cleaning business is easy and requires little start-up capital. In most cases, the only costs are the purchase of accessories and advertising.

Fortunately, cleaning products are cheap and it costs even less to advertise them in local papers or online. Since most business professionals are busy, they are willing to pay a company or individual to clean their office. You just need to learn how to profile office cleaning to grow your business.

Remember, almost anyone can clean.

 The trick is to hire others to do all the cleaning when you’re done. This way you are free to start a new business. There are very easy and affordable ways to market office cleaning accounts. Here are just a few simple ways:

If you only offer your cleaning service to one company, say law firms, focusing all your efforts on one type of client will make your life and efforts much better than being all things to all people. Consider that if a lawyer is comparing two companies, Company A is a general cleaning company that serves all types of businesses and Company B specialize only in law firms. Which one would she choose?

By specializing in one or a few types of service, you send the message that you offer a service tailored to their needs, which loyal customers want. Try to copy this idea by finding a small niche like doctor’s offices, dental offices, pharmacies, real estate, high tech offices, etc.

Do not get me wrong. You can still go to any office to clean.

 But you can tailor your marketing to each specific industry. In other words.. You can have special services in many different industries.

One of the marketing strategies that business owners use for office cleaning jobs is giveaways. Companies want to try services for free. If they can see what a great job you’re doing and if you’ve earned their trust, you’ve probably just won a customer. If you have a cleaning business, you can donate a brochure with cleaning tips, free cleaning guides or paint samples. When you start publishing authoritative information, customers will see you as an expert in your field. (This might sound a bit complicated and time consuming, but I promise it’s not).

This is one of the best marketing tools for any cleaning company / office cleaning company. The problem is that most people new to the office cleaning business don’t know how to do it right. Knowing how to get your business card in the hands of the right people can help you make a lot of sales at the right time with this little strategy.

Learn how to easily add an irresistible offer to new customers

 on the back of your card. This has worked many times for entrepreneurs in the office cleaning industry!

You don’t have to hand out 200 business cards and hope for the best. There are ways to get leads that can actually help you bring in more business than placing an expensive full page ad in a phone book!

Start by setting an advertising budget. Once you’ve determined your budget, decide where you want to advertise. It makes no sense for a cleaning company and it would be a waste of money to advertise in a major magazine or buy a Saturday night TV ad. In addition to being expensive, these ads are unlikely to reach your target audience. A standard print ad in your local newspaper or shopper is the simplest advertising unit. Print ads have launched headquarters cleaning companies and produced many success stories. Placing ads in your local newspaper can be a great way to promote your kontorrengøring business…but you need to follow a few basic rules.

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