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Ashtarte ch 1: Ashtarte is a goddess of wisdom, magic, and war. As the patron goddess of scholars and spellcasters, she is also closely linked to commerce and trade. Her powers help her followers succeed in both peaceful and violent pursuits. In this first installment of our blog series on Ashtarte, we will explore her role in commerce and trade, as well as some of the spells and blessings she can bestow on her followers. We hope you enjoy!

Ashtarte ch 1: What is Ashtarte?

Ashtarte (, also Romanized as Ashtartā and Ashtarat; also known as Āshtart) is a goddess in ancient Iranian religion. She is the consort of Aredvi Sura Ahura Mazda, and the mother of Ardvi Sadeh and Iranshahr. She was considered the most beautiful woman in the world according to the Avesta. Her epithet means “the noble one”.

There are contradictory tales about her origins. Some say she was born from light and air; others claim she was born from a stem of a plant that grew near Ahura Mazda’s sanctuary. According to the Bundahishn, she was chosen by him to serve as his companion and minister. The medieval Zoroastrian text Zand-e Jahangiri states that when Ashtarte left Mount Norouz with Ahura Mazda, they went to dwell in Etemenanki (the seventh heaven).

The first account in which Ashtarte plays a major role is at the beginning of the Younger Avesta. There she blesses Yima with water after he has cut down the tree under which two snakes were coiled – an event that signals springtime. In later texts, she appears as one of Ahura Mazda’s most important defenders against evil forces. Ashtarte is invoked for protection against sorcerers and wild beasts, and she is also credited with healing diseases and other afflictions.

Ashtarte ch 1: The History of Ashtarte

The Ashtarte was born to the god Zeus and the nymph Idae. Ashtarte was a divine healer and knew many sacred rituals. She was also very knowledgeable in magic and often helped people solve their problems. Ashtarte often took on the role of mediator between gods and humans, and she always tried to help her loved ones.

What are the Benefits of Ashtarte?

Ashtarte is a goddess who is associated with the planet Venus and is known as the astarte of love and beauty. She is also associated with wisdom, justice, and power.

There are many benefits to worshiping Ashtarte. First of all, she is a goddess of love and beauty, which means she can help you improve your appearance and feel more confident in yourself. Her wisdom can offer you guidance in important decisions, and her power can help you achieve your goals. Additionally, Ashtarte is a patron goddess of magic, so she can help you grow in your ability to cast spells and perform other magical tasks.

The Ashtarte ch 1: How to Use Ashtarte?

Ashtarte is a goddess of magic and the hunt. She is also the patron goddess of the astrologers, so it’s no surprise that her power extends to the stars. She can help you find your path in life and bring wisdom to your decisions. If you’re looking for guidance in your magical practices, or just need someone to talk to about your charts, look no further than Ashtarte. Here are five ways to connect with her:

1) Ask Her for a Boost When You Are Feeling Stressed

Ashtarte is known as the goddess of change, so she can be a great source of support when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Give her a call when you need some inspiration or motivation to keep going. She will help you get through whatever challenges come your way.

2) Consult Her When You’re Confused About Your Destiny

If you feel like you don’t know what your future holds, ask Ashtarte for help. She knows all about destiny and can give you some guidance on how to reach your goals. She can also tell you what steps you need to take in order to manifest your desires into reality.

3) Consult Her When You Need Guidance in Your Relationship Affairs

If you are having trouble making decisions in love, turn to Ashtarte for guidance. She is known as the goddess of love and relationships, so she will have plenty of advice on how

The Side Effects of Ashtarte

Ashtarte is a goddess associated with love and sex. She is also known as the goddess of wisdom and as the patroness of poetry, dance, and magic. The side effects of using Ashtarte can vary depending on what type of spell you are casting.

If you are using her to increase sexual desire, then there may be some side effects such as an inability to achieve an erection or spontaneous erections that are not controlled by the individual. If you are using her for fertility spells, then there may be negative consequences such as miscarrying or having a difficult time getting pregnant.

Overall, the side effects of Ashtarte depend largely on how you are using her and what your goals are for using her services.

Where to Buy Ashtarte?

Ashtarte is a popular Brigid goddess who is often depicted with three deer. You can find Ashtarte statues and figurines in many stores, but here are a few places to buy her online:

1. Ashtarte has a wide range of products available on Amazon, including statues, charms, and books.

2. Zazzle: Ashtarte has numerous products available for purchase on Zazzle, including T-shirts, phone cases, and posters.

3. Etsy: There are many beautiful Ashtarte items for sale on Etsy, including purses, earrings, and even an entire shrine!


Ashtarte is the goddess of the watery depths and the personification of infinite change. She is the daughter of Cronus and Rhea, and sister to Hades, Demeter, Hera, and Poseidon. Her symbol is a fish with six heads. Ashtarte’s name means “the beautiful one who Rules over Water.”

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