Aspects to Learn before Choosing Glasses for Toddlers

Glasses for Toddlers

Watching your toddler being unable to see objects clearly has already made you consult an optometrist in Southgate. Now that you have got your kid’s vision screened, it’s time to select the right style of glasses. Welcome to this post that enlightens you about the important aspects of learning before choosing the right pair of glasses for your kid.

Children require eyeglasses only when they are either farsighted or nearsighted. Surveys have it that out of four kids; at least one suffers from vision impairment. That requires them to wear spectacles. To help you get an understanding of how to choose the right spectacles for your toddler, this post has come up with some important aspects.

Lens Thickness

The prescription is the most important consideration when selecting the glasses. Before selecting the spectacle frames, it’s imperative to consult the optician. If your optometrist has recommended thicker lenses, your frames must be small and must reduce the lens’ thickness.

The selection of the material also matters a lot. There are many optometrists who recommend polycarbonate because it is lighter than plastic and impact-resistant. Moreover, it has built-in UV protection alongside scratch-resistant. You must avoid glass lenses because your child may break them very easily.

Choice of the Material

At Stanton Optical in Sacramento CA, you will find mainly two types of spectacles for your kids – metal and plastic. Out of the two, it’s better to choose the frame based on parameters like:

  • Weight
  • Durability
  • Affordability

You might think that plastic styles are immensely attractive for kids. But don’t forget that they may not be durable.

A Style That Suits Your Baby’s Shape

A wrong frame selection can make your kid look odd and may require eyeglass repair in Sacramento. So, it’s imperative to choose square-shaped spectacles for kids having round faces. Refrain from choosing oversized glasses because these frames only make your kid look bug-eyed.

Instead, small frames will extend the field of vision beyond lenses. In addition, it also leads to an increase in their prescription power. On the contrary, bigger frames tend to be extremely uncomfortable and heavy.

Don’t Neglect the Bridge

A significant challenge in choosing glass frames for kids is their noses that are in a developing stage. So, they do not have a bridge that stops plastic frames from slipping down. Instead, the tight nose pad shall begin to pinch & prevent glasses from sitting close to your baby’s eyes. And when it’s wide, the frames slide and slip. Ideally, little space shall be there between the frame’s lower rim and your child’s cheek.

The glasses must stay in the right position. Else, your kid may go over the lens’s top. The metal frames are available at Stanton Optical in Sacramento CA have adjustable nose pads such that it fits you comfortablly on the nose’s bridge.

A Great Temple Style

When it’s about selecting the glasses, you must consider the right temple style. It will ensure lesser chances of damage, thus lesser possibilities of eyeglass repair in Sacramento. Temples wrapping the way around the ear’s back will help keep glasses from slipping down. They are cable temples available on metal frames and are great for kids.

Here’s One Quick Note:

Remember, lighter frames are always better! Choose lightweight glasses as heavier frames will cause eye fatigue and headaches.

As kids are at their growing age, they may have higher chances of breaking and cracking their glasses. Thus, ensure to get a string tied with the spectacles so that it does not slide down and break. Learn more about the selection of kids’ eyewear by attaining more details through a seasoned optometrist in Southgate at Stanton Optical.

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