ASTM A192 Boiler Tubes in India

ASTM A192 boiler tubes are manufactured as per ASTM A192/A192M international standard specification. Manufactured in India, these boiler tubes are suitable for high temperature service up to 750°C (1382°F). The material of construction of these ASTM A192 Boiler Tubes manufacturers in India includes grade CS-80, Grades CS-100, CS-120 & CS-140 seamless carbon steel pipes. Being available in short length of 4′ and long length of 40′, these ASTM A192 boiler tubes can be used as steam generator feeder pipes, super heater transfer pipes and as downcomer pipes etc.

What are the characteristics of boiler tubes?
Boiler tubes are mostly used for storing hot water that can be easily used for different purposes. These tubes are made up of various alloys of metals, generally low carbon steel and stainless steel or chromium-nickel alloy tubes. They also use a sealing system consisting of rubber seals, thermal cement and sealant tapes. The main purpose is to keep out air and water from getting inside. These tubes are available in both seamless and welded varieties with single ended or double ended varieties available too. ASTM A192 boiler tubes are made to offer reliable performance with each type meant for specific applications such as radiant heating, steam heating or secondary systems like district heating networks etc.

How to buy boiler tubes from China?
You have probably heard that China is a great source for quality products at prices far below what you would expect. That’s absolutely true and it’s no secret. If you are looking to buy ASTM A192 boiler tubes, then you have come to right place. As a prime manufacturer and supplier of ASTM A192 boiler tubes, we know exactly how valuable they are to your operation. The most important question is How do I buy boiler tubes from China? Well… there are several options available

What makes our products better than others?
WTP Industries is a name synonymous with trust and reliability. The company, which is ISO 9001:2008 certified, supplies ASTM A192 Alloy-Steel ERW Boiler Tubes that are made from premium quality material and crafted by skilled artisans. Each product undergoes stringent quality tests at all stages of production to ensure that only flawless products reach customers’ hands. For example, WTP’s boiler tubes are tested for pressure vessel performance using an ultrasound internal inspection method before being delivered to clients’ premises. Moreover, we have our own international shipping department so that you can get your products directly from us and save money on freight as well.

What if you get defective products from us?
Quality is a top priority for us at Bellissima Steel, but if you have any quality issues with your ASTM A192 boiler tubes, contact us immediately so we can help. We will send you another set of ASTM A192 boiler tubes free of charge and cover all costs to get it delivered to you (domestic orders only). Otherwise, we guarantee our products are free from defects. In that case, return them to us within 30 days and we’ll refund or replace them (international orders only). However, we don’t warrant against normal wear and tear caused by daily use.

How to test boiler tubes?
Over time, wear and tear can cause boiler tubes to crack. When that happens, leakage can occur. To protect your investment, have a professional test tubes every few years. Pressure testing is one way to evaluate boiler tubes for any problems. First, fill them with water or steam at 2 times their maximum working pressure; that’s usually 600 pounds per square inch (psi) for plain-wall tubes and 800 psi for seamless tubes. The average pressure rating of a tube is based on its wall thickness—the thicker it is, the higher its rating. If you don’t have an accurate pressure gauge, take precautionary measures: If a tube fails under pressure, it will almost certainly explode like a rocket when it bursts and send hot metal pieces everywhere.

Where can I find buyers for ASTM A192 Boiler Tubes?
Depending on where you’re located, it might be easier to find buyers for your ASTM A192 than you think. For example, if you’re located close to large steel mills and fabricators, these companies may regularly need new pipes. Check with local businesses that are likely to use ASTM A192 for their line of work; they might be interested. Consider attending trade shows as well; there’s a good chance you’ll meet other potential buyers there.

Do you provide services for repair or replacement of defective products?
Manufacturers are legally required to provide services that address defects under warranty. They can, however, limit or completely refuse their obligation to fix defective products outside of a warranty situation. If you have a product with a defect and need help filing a claim against your manufacturer, contact our team of manufacturing lawyers. We’ll get your product fixed at no cost to you and as quickly as possible. Most manufacturers offer an extended-warranty program, which is sometimes called an extended service plan or enhanced service plan (ESP). These plans give consumers peace of mind knowing that their defective products will be repaired quickly and efficiently by professionals.

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