Understanding the Benefits of Automatic License Plate Recognition

 Understanding the Benefits of Automatic License Plate Recognition

Law enforcement and security personnel benefit greatly from technology today. Video surveillance helps them catch criminals, and real-time facial recognition has been used to capture dangerous individuals across the globe. Satellite surveillance is used for similar purposes, and many organizations today see the benefits of automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) technology. In fact, this technology is also used by businesses across the globe to simplify operations.

Many municipalities have been using ALPR technology for some time now. They recognize the benefits of the technology. However, the same cannot be said for the public. Why should every encourage recording license plate numbers today?

Automatic License Plate Recognition

Real-Time Monitoring

In the past, license plate numbers would need to be recorded manually. This took significant time, and certain plates were missed. The use of technology eliminates these concerns, as every plate can be captured digitally. This allows individuals to review the plates if there is a potential problem. The system alerts them to any plates of concern so further action can be taken.

For example, individuals using a parking garage can now enter and exit without having to stop and make contact with a person. The ALPR technology captures their plate as they enter the garage and again when they exit. The system can then bill the vehicle owner rather than the driver having to stop and pay at that time. This eliminates bottlenecks in areas such as parking garages, which people appreciate.

Multiple Viewing Options

Depending on which system is selected, individuals may receive access to both video and still footage. For example, traffic cameras today may take a video of a person speeding or running a red light. In contrast, an airport may only take still shots of vehicles as they enter a long-term parking lot. The entity purchasing the system determines what level of coverage it needs and buys a system that offers that coverage.

Increased Security

Many people believe ALPR technology only helps after a problem has been detected. They see law enforcement using the captured video and still photos in court to prove a case. While it is true that this footage is beneficial in investigations and legal proceedings, it has another purpose that many people overlook.

When a person knows that their license plate will be captured on film, they are less likely to commit a crime. Criminals want easy targets that reduce the risk of being caught. If they know this technology is in place, they will look for an easier target.

In addition, drivers are more cautious on the road when they know they are being recorded. A person may run a red light only to receive a ticket in the mail a few weeks later if ALPR technology is in place. This technology serves as a deterrent, as nobody wants to receive this ticket.

These are only three of benefits associated with the adoption of ALPR technology. There are many others not listed here. Learn more about this technology to determine if it is right for your organization and how it will simplify operations and improve efficiency.

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