Average Teeth Crown Price in Pakistan

What are teeth crowns?

Teeth crowns are caps that are fitted on damaged teeth. They are used for protecting, covering, and restoring your teeth if fillings are unable to solve the issue. They are made from metal, resin, ceramics, porcelain, etc. Because of bad habits, accidents, or age, teeth can lose their strength or get damaged. This will require dental crowns.

What are the materials used for making dental crowns?

Below we provide the different types of crowns and their differences. 

  • Metal:Metals such as chromium, nickel, palladium, gold, etc are often used for constructing dental crowns. These crowns rarely face chipping or breaking. They are highly durable and usually have the longest life compared to other types of crowns.
  • They are considered to be a more suitable choice for back and front teeth. These types of crowns are commonly used in Pakistan and the Teeth Crown Price in Pakistan for this type can range from 5 to 20 thousand per crown.
  • Only a small amount of your tooth has to be removed when using these crowns. They can conveniently tolerate chewing and biting forces. Metal crowns are usually a preferred choice for molars that are out of sight.
  • Porcelain and metal: These dental crowns have a metal crown covered with porcelain. This makes it easy for them to match the teeth’ colour. If not prepared right, the porcelain cap can chip off.
  • All-resin: These crowns are fabricated from resin and that is why they are relatively fragile. They can break or wear down relatively quicker than metal crowns. They are relatively less expensive than the above two categories.
  • All-ceramic /all-porcelain: These crowns have a higher aesthetic value and can provide exact colour matching. They are also suitable for people who are allergic to metals. They are highly suitable for front teeth.
  • Pressed ceramic: The crowns have a very strong inner core. They are further capped by a porcelain crown and provide the best colour match They are long-lasting and durable.
  • They have been taken care of as they are weaker than porcelain infused with metal or pure metal crowns. Just like some people useinvisible braces because they believe it would make them look strange. They are the perfect choice for people who are conscious about how they look.

When are dental crowns needed?

There are many reasons why a dentist may recommend fitting a crown, these include:

  • Offering protection to weak or decaying teeth from cracking or breaking or for keeping them together if they have already developed cracks.
  • Restoration of broken or worn-out teeth.
  • To cover and support a tooth that has a large filling (when not much of the tooth remains)
  • For holding and supporting a dental bridge.
  • To cover dental implants.
  • Covering teeth that have received root canal

Can dental crowns create problems?

High-quality dental crowns fitted by a professional dentist usually will not create any serious health issues. However, there are minor issues which may face. Some of which are mentioned below. 

  • Discomfort /Sensitivity/Irritation: A tooth that has been freshly crowned may cause some discomfort or annoyance. It might also be relatively sensitive to the rest of your teeth.
  • However, these problems are only faced temporarily and they will back to normal within 1 to 2 days. Your dentist may ask you to use a special toothpaste or mouthwash to eliminate the discomfort. If, however, you still feel uncomfortable or you feel pain after 3 days, it is not a bad idea to see your dentist again. 
Teeth Crown Price in Pakistan
Teeth Crown Price in Pakistan
  • Chipped crown: Crowns may chip over time. This does not happen with metal crowns but is a problem usually faced with porcelain. If the breakage is excessive, the crown will have to be replaced. However, small chipping can be easily repaired.
  • Loose crown: Loose crowns can cause annoyance and irritation. If the cement that is used for glueing the crown has lost its adhesion or has worn off, your dentist will simply cement the crown again in its place.
  • Allergic reactions: At times, patients may realize after getting a metal crown, that they are allergic to metals. The allergy might be temporary or permanent. This is however very rare. In this case, you will have to replace your crown with another type.

How long can crowns last?

Depending on the quality of dental crowns, they can have a life of five to fifteen years. However, this depends a great deal on their usage and your hygiene practices. Personal habits like teeth clenching, grinding, and biting fingernails can shorten their life. Always take care of your crowns to make them last longer.

Do crowns require any specific care?

The only special invisible braces require is the same one you should give your teeth. Maintain good oral hygiene by regular brushing and by using a good quality mouthwash. Do not clench or grind your teeth. Do not open packaging from your teeth. Use dental floss. Follow these tips which are necessary for all your teeth.

what is the Teeth Crown Price in Pakistan?

Dental crown prices have a wide range. The price depends on the type of material used in their construction, your dentist, any additional treatment you may require, your location, and of course the number of crowns you need. 

Teeth Crown Price in Pakistan can be different from city to city. They can range from five thousand rupees to thirty thousand rupees. For instance, zirconium crowns usually cost between 12 to 15 thousand rupees per crown while pure porcelain can cost up to 25 thousand per crown.

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