How To Do Bat Wing Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes: The Perfect Mascara for Your Cat Eye.

 How To Do Bat Wing Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes: The Perfect Mascara for Your Cat Eye.

The perfect mascara for your cat eye is not always easy to find. There are many different mascaras out there that claim to be the best, but finding the one that will work for you can be difficult. You may have wasted a lot of time and money trying out mascaras only to find that you’re still left with some unruly lashes.

But don’t worry! Here is a guide on how to do bat wing eyeliner for hooded eyes, so that you never have to try another mascara again. This tutorial will teach you all the steps of doing this makeup look so that your eyelashes look stunning every time.

What is Bat Wing Eyeliner?

Bat wing eyeliner is a style of eyeliner that is so popular. It has the standard cat eye shape, but instead of using a thin line, you use a thick line with an angled wing at the end. Bat wings are all about making your eyes more dramatic for an eye-catching look.

This style can be achieved by using different tools. Different tools such as liquid liners, pencils, and even brushes will work well to achieve this style.

The Tools You Need

You’ll need either liquid eyeliner or paint brush to create the wing.

Next, you will need a curler for your lashes.

Lastly, you’ll need concealer for blemishes and imperfections on your face.

The Steps of Bat Wing Eyeliner

For Hooded Eyes

1. Apply mascara to your eyelashes as you normally would and make sure that it is covering all of them

2. Draw a line from the inside corner of your eye to the outside corner with your eyeliner pencil

3. Draw a line from the outside corner of your eye to the inner corner with your eyeliner pencil

4. Using an eyeshadow brush, dip into black shadow and sweep in a thin line on top of the pencil lines that you drew in step 2 and 3

5. Using an angled eyeshadow brush, dip into brown eyeshadow to smudge out any harsh lines at the outer corners of your eye

6. Finally, using an angled eyeshadow brush, go over your whole eye and blend everything together so that it looks natural

How to Apply the Mascara

First, take a clean mascara brush and brush your eyelashes upward to separate them. You should do this before applying the product on your lashes. Next, apply a thin layer of mascara onto your base coat (the first coat) and let it dry. Once that is dry, apply a second layer of mascara to the roots of your eyelashes (the second coat). At this point, you can either curl or straighten your lashes with a lash curler or an eyelash curler and then apply one more coat of mascara to top off the look.

How to Apply the Look

In order to create the look, you will need a few things. You will need an angled eyeliner brush, liquid liner, and a thin brush for the mascara.

1. Apply a coat of your favorite mascara on your hands and then use that to brush up onto your eyelid.

2. Using an angled eyeliner brush, apply liquid liner along the upper lash line and wing out inwards towards your nose. This will create a cat eye effect for you.

3. Use the same angled eyeliner brush with watery eyeshadow at the top of your lid to make it pop into view.

4. Apply an extra coat of mascara to the bottom lashes as this is where they are most visible and not covered by other products in this look.


Bat Wing Eyeliner is a unique type of eye makeup that will give you an edgy look and make your eyes pop. It’s not only a fun makeup look, but it’s also a fun challenge that is perfect for Halloween, a costume party, or just to try something new.

But what is Bat Wing Eyeliner? It’s a style of eye makeup that features thick lines that run from the inner to outer corners of the eyes. It creates a dramatic edge around the eyes, which is why it’s also sometimes referred to as Cat Eye Mascara.

To get this look, you will need: a black or dark brown eye pencil, a brush with fine bristles, an eyeliner brush with short bristles, and a mascara with a volumizing brush. After applying the eye pencil, use the brush with the fine bristles to apply liner on the bottom lash line.

Then use the eye liner brush to create thick lines above and below the bottom lash line. Finally, curl the top lashes with your mascara and apply mascara on top lashes. To finish your look, add black liquid liner on top and bottom lash lines and mascara on top lashes.

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