Before “I DO” Becomes “I don’t,” – Keys to Buying Wedding Insurance

Easily wedding day qualifies as the most important day in your life, it can quickly turn into a nightmare; with your whole life depending on this one day, a potential disaster could ruin a lifetime of happiness. Therefore for most couples, it makes sense to have wedding insurance.

Before you Rush out to buy a wedding insurance policy, check the following because you could get coverage through:

  1. Your existing homeowners or renters policy
  2. An event insurance policy

If your parents, friends are relatives are gracious enough to allow the Event at their house. In case of a large claim, their homeowner’s policy or an umbrella policy can cover the liability. Be careful and ask your insurance agent about the liquor liability; this could potentially result in a large claim.

Most wedding venues have liability coverage, so you do not need overlapping coverage

Typically in a wedding insurance policy, there are two main types of coverages

Liability insurance: We all have seen The Hangover movies and Meet the Fockers. So if a venue is damaged like the Fockers, a wedding insurance policy would come in handy and pay for someone getting injured or sick at the Wedding. So the spiked volleyball in the eye of the bride, the medical bill would be paid by the wedding insurance policy. Liability coverage can also include liquor liability, so if a cousin has one too many and breaks the vase in the foyer, your wedding insurance policy takes care of it. The liability limit can be as high as $5 million, but typically it is $500,000 to $2 million.

Postponement or cancellation coverage: This is essential coverage. Especially during covid-19, a lot of weddings were either canceled or postponed. Suppose there is an illness or an injury in the wedding party or immediate family. If things are out of your control, then wedding insurance helps pay for rescheduled ceremony and reception. If you choose the right policy, it might even reimburse for a deposit if the vendor doesn’t show and the Wedding goes on.

Riders can be purchased for extra coverage; this includes:

  1. Cancellation due to national duty for military deployment for the bride or the groom
  2. If the gifts are stolen
  3. Cancellation of the honeymoon
  4. Counseling in case of cancellation causing emotional distress
  5. Liquor liability

There are things that wedding insurance will not cover, like Cold feet or your sudden Desire to run away with the bridesmaid.

A tornado, or major snowstorm might be covered by your wedding insurance, but just rainy day would not be covered, so take shelter and enjoy the day and get married If your engagement ring is stolen or lost If you switch the vendor after you have given the deposit, like a caterer or florist, then wedding insurance would not cover your deposit.

Before you decide on the pomp and show at your Wedding, ensure it is covered by the wedding insurance policy. Fireworks, a wedding party jumping out of the plane, and live animals may make your Wedding a risky proposition. You could be declined for a policy or are offered a policy with exclusions.

Compared to the amount of money you will spend on your big day, the cost of wedding insurance is worth it. From the day you decide to spend the rest of your life with the person you love and start planning, one of the first things on your agenda should be wedding insurance.

Call or visit, and we will be happy to guide you for your special day.

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