Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Right E-Bike for Yourself

 Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Right E-Bike for Yourself

Are you planning to buy an e-bike for your next road trip? Well, if you are here, we assume that you are looking forward to buying one! While there is no dearth of electric bikes in the market, choosing the perfect one that suits your necessities can be a confusing task. With so many options, varieties, color choices, features, and much more, getting puzzled is quite obvious. However, there is no need to stress as we are here to help you with all your riding needs.

Here is a list of factors that you can consider before purchasing a specific e-bike for travel:

Find the Size that Fits You

It is crucial to consider the size of the e-bike while making a purchase. If you buy the wrong size, you will not be comfortable with it and if you are not comfortable, then you might develop joint pain and uneasiness during the trip. After investing in your favorite bicycle, you would obviously not want this to happen to you. So, go to your preferred electric bike company and check for the saddle, pedal position, handlebar height, and frame size before proceeding with payment.

Now before you ask, there are ways to find your measurement for each type. Just calculate your body measurements such as your height, hips, and legs and you can figure out an ideal e-bike for you. Online frame charts can also help you to get the ideal bike size for your adventure.

Choose the Right Bike Gear

You will find a plethora of gears in the market. While some bikes provide a single gear, some can provide more than that. Depending upon the cranks, cogs, and chainrings, the gears can become more complicated. So which one should you buy?

Here, you need to understand the purpose of buying. Are you planning to get the bike for everyday travel or a trip to a hill station? If you are planning for everyday travel, you can choose the one with fewer gears as you don’t need much gear for riding on flat pavement. However, if you are planning for a bike ride in the hills, you should opt for the one that provides the most gear. Remember, the more uneven the terrain is, the higher the gear will be. 

Understand the Right Brake System

You cannot go wrong with brakes! Brakes ensure safety and prevent serious injuries. If the bike’s brake system is not right, then you won’t be able to lower the speed or stop the machine whenever required. So, you must check this before buying. 

The right brake system will support you throughout your bike tour. But how to determine the right one? The following list will guide you with these criteria:

  • Disk Brakes: These brakes have strong stopping power and work perfectly in all weather conditions. You can find options such as hydraulic disc brakes and cable disc brakes in this category. 
  • Rim Brakes: Rim Brakes are easier to handle and require minimal maintenance. However, it might not work well in all weather conditions.
  • Coaster Brakes: These are a great selection for kids’ bikes. Coaster brakes can pedal backward and you can use them without levers, cables, or rear gears. However, they are not very strong like rim brakes and disc brakes.
  • Drum Brakes: Drum Brakes work on all weathers, and also don’t need high maintenance. But they are deprived of strong stopping power on dirt trails.

Check the Longevity of the Bike

Knowing the bike’s shelf life is very crucial before investing. To know that, you need to know the basics of the frame material. Bikes come in aluminum, steel, carbon fiber, titanium, and other forms, and all of this plays an important role in determining a bike’s longevity. Analyze which bike can best serve your needs and also last the longest before finalizing your pick-up. There are umpteen cycles in India and learning this information will help you to select your perfect fit.

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