Being a beatmaker is awesome!

 Being a beatmaker is awesome!

Who is this dude and how to become as cool as him? These questions are of interest to many. And the answers to them can be found at master music online.

This interesting, fashionable and profitable profession “rhythm maker” can be learned. That’s just one knowledge of techniques and techniques will not be enough. You also need talent. However, as in any other creative activity.

What is such an exciting business as beatmaking? From the equipment, musical education of the future beatmaker and knowledge of at least the basics of sound recording. Don’t forget about talent, as mentioned above.

Let’s start with the equipment. Of course, you need a computer on which you will create. Preferably a desktop, but a laptop is also suitable, only it should have a large RAM and a fast processor. It, of course, will not be cheap, but it will be your main tool reliable. Its mobility can also be attributed to the pluses – you can create beats anywhere, without being tied to a specific workplace.

If you intend to produce beats on a commercial basis, you simply need a good sound. The audio card will provide it. It allows you to connect other necessary equipment to your computer – musical instruments, monitors, and so on.

Sound quality control is best done with studio monitors. There are many manufacturers and models. We will talk about how to choose the right ones another time. As well as other equipment. For now, we will simply outline the range of necessary requirements and tasks for you.

By the way, if it’s too expensive for you as a novice beatmaker to buy studio monitors and an audio card, at least get good headphones. They not only give a good sound, but also allow you to work without disturbing others (if you live in the house more than one).

It is worth spending money on a microphone. Use it to record samples. Just don’t forget about the pop filter, which will filter out extraneous overtones.

The MIDI controller is also a very important item. Even more important than the microphone. If your budget allows, buy equipment with a 49-key keyboard. However, even 25 keys will give you enough room for creativity.

Let’s move on to software. There are many programs that allow you to create music. Their possibilities are almost limitless. True, they cost a lot. But if you search well on the Internet, you can find anything, without much cost.

So software. The most popular programs among beatmakers are ABLETON and FL STUDIO. However, other representatives of this detachment are no less good. Manufacturers are constantly improving and updating their product, making it the most convenient for work. Since the price of such programs is quite high, you should not rush to buy. First, read reviews on the Web, user reviews, choose what suits you best. And then you can already spread the money.

Now about musical education. Best of all, of course, if it is. But it’s not too late to learn the basics now. Just like the basics of sound mixing, and working with software, and much more. The main thing is to have a great desire to become a real beatmaker. On the Internet you can find a lot of educational materials on any topic that interests you. If you feel that you are ready to master all the tricks of beatmaking, stock up on patience and diligence and learn to create.

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