BeiTeck Service Plans in focus: BeiTeck Free

BeiTeck has thrived to digitize the rental market in Lebanon by providing transparency and convenience on its innovative platform. To further this objective, BeiTeck’s main differentiator is the offering of a plethora of service plans. In particular , BeiTeck offers a a free of charge plan.

Below is a description of the BeiTeck Free Service Plan:
– Posting to the Online Marketplace is free of charge
– The rental listing is subject to a review process before being posted to the Online Marketplace. BeiTeck reserves the right to reject a listing if it violates its Terms and Conditions
– The listing can always be edited by the account holder through the Listings Dashboard
– Potential tenants or buyers can contact the property owner directly via the property owner’s preferred method of communication
– Account holders have the option to renew the listing upon expiration or upgrade to other BeiTeck Service plans at any time on the Listings Dashboard for an additional cost
– Account holders can cancel the BeiTeck Free Service Plan at any time. Upon cancellation, BeiTeck will remove the listing from the Online Marketplace and the Listings Dashboard

For more Information, visit visit the website at and browse the service plans at

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