10 Benefits of Using LVT Flooring

 10 Benefits of Using LVT Flooring

LVT Flooring

10 Benefits of LVT Flooring

As the use of LVT Flooring in homes and businesses becomes more popular, homeowners are taking advantage of the benefits that these floors have to offer.

Here are 10 reasons why:

1. Less Carpet Maintenance:

LVT flooring is an extremely low maintenance product, with many people reporting months and even years between cleaning sessions.  Thorough vacuuming of your LVT floor will keep it looking new for a long time.

2. Waterproof:

Many hardwood floors aren’t suitable for bathrooms or kitchens. Because they can be damaged by water spills above them (such as from sinks or toilets).  Exposed below-grade wood beams often mold over time due to moisture build-up. This is not typical with LVT flooring.

3. Slip-Resistance:

The slip resistance of an LVT Floor is typically much higher than that of a standard hardwood floor, making it safer for high traffic areas such as hallways and kitchens.  The components in the floors are designed to provide a good grip to reduce falls.

4. Rug/Tile Flexibility:

You can easily tile over an LVT Floor, or use it with area rugs. Without having to worry about any damage being done to your floor. Even if you have to move the rug or tiles around later on!  This means you can save money when remodeling by re-using existing carpet or tiling rather than having replaced.

5. No Need for Underlayment:

Most LVT Floors come with an attached underlayment that reduces noise and sometimes provides some moisture protection.  You will not need to spend more money on installing additional materials before putting down your floor.

6. Water-Resistant Finish:

Some wood floors can actually split or crack if they get wet; LVT Flooring cannot be damaged this way, making them ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, basements, garages – any place where there might be spills or humidity present.  With no risk of damage due to water exposure. You won’t need to worry about refinishing your floor if it does become stained or scratched.

7. Easy Installation:

AnT Floor is typically one of the easiest floors to install.  Do-it-yourself homeowners typically report completing their project in just a few hours!

8. Variety:

LVT flooring comes in hundreds of varieties and styles, including multiple hardwood looks and tile/stone patterns that mimic the look of natural stone or ceramic tiles.

9. Warm Floors:

Unlike standard tile floors, LVT Flooring does not make your floor cold to the touch with bare feet. This makes it ideal for bedrooms and living rooms (along with kitchens and entryways).

10. Durability:

The components used in LVT Flooring are designed for durability – they won’t warp, split, or shrink over time as some solid wood products do.  The floors are also designed to resist dents and marks from furniture. Providing a long-lasting product.

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