The Best Choice in Gemstone Jewelry – Labradorite Jewelry

 The Best Choice in Gemstone Jewelry – Labradorite Jewelry

Use it as a therapy crystal. Wear it as super captivating gemstone jewelry. Carry it to stay protected from negative vibes. No matter whichever way you choose to wear or use, the truth remains all the same! This gemstone will augment your beauty and delight you with its healing benefits.

The eye-catching Labradorite is one of the most admired and revered gemstones worldwide. The popular feldspar mineral variety, Labrador can be worn in form of labradorite rings, pendants, and labradorite silver bracelets. Talk about the natural beauty of this gemstone or indulge in the attraction offered by the Labradorite jewelry. The more you speak, the lesser it will be!

The Look of Labradorite
The first thing about this charismatic gemstone is its color and look. Though found in several shades like deep grey, yellow, green tints, and more, the gemstone is mostly admired for its blue shade. In fact, the blue-colored labradorites are the most sought-after labradors. Yes! You guessed it right. The stone is sometimes called a labrador too.

The reason is that it has been named after the place Labrador located in Canada. Alright! So, coming back to our point of look and appearance of this gem, it is important to mention that the beautiful labradorite is known for its unique labradorescence. And in case, you are perplexed by the spelling and meaning of this word, let us help you with the meaning part (for the spelling one, you’ll have to focus on yourself!).

Well, labradorescence is a dazzling phenomenon of colorful reflections that are found exclusively in this gemstone. The internal making or structure of the stone causes several colors to reflect back. The enchanting labradorescence sparkling through the cleavage planes of this stone offers a mesmeric look and makes for a perfect jewelry option.

Why does Labradorite serve as a Good Jewelry Option?

If you consider terms of hardness, this gem measures between 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale. This means that it is softer when compared to many other gems. However, the point worth noticing is that it is not categorized as brittle. It is tough and can be relied on for its durability.

Being not brittle, it has lesser chances of getting cracked or breaking up. In simple words, the jewelry done in labradorite can be trusted for its durability and toughness. Nevertheless, like any other gemstone jewelry, this one too needs care and precaution in terms of cleaning, wearing, and storage process. It is best to store this jewelry in a box that has separate compartments.

Jazz Up Your Look with Unique Labradorite Jewelry

The beautiful labradorite stands out in form of jewelry and provides a unique attraction to its wearer. One can flaunt this jewelry in multiple fashionable styles. Some of the fabulous ways to wear this gemstone are mentioned below:

-Pair up a nice chunky ring done in labradorite jewelry with any outfit. It will instantly enhance your overall look.

-Wear blue drops or hoops earrings with plain white outfits for a gorgeous look.

-Team up your casual jeans and t-shirt with playful earrings made of labradorite.

-Catch attention with layered necklaces in this gem or go for a pretty minimalist pendant with labradorite as its center stone.

-You can also choose to go for contrast combos of this jewelry with outfits in green, white, neon, or pastel shades.

Enjoy the Amazing Healing Benefits of Labradorite

Have you ever thought about why this gemstone remains always in demand or what is the reason behind its popularity? While magnetic looks make for a strong reason behind the huge popularity of this gem, the healing benefits of labradorite are also the ones that catch infinite attention and praise. The gem is associated with various powers and capabilities. Some of the most significant ones are explained below.

• Helps reduce stress and anxiety – Wear this beautiful gem to stay away from stress. No matter how much you are tensed because for any reason, wearing labradorite will help you find relief from extreme tension and stress.

• Strengthens the psychic powers – Are you looking for a reliable and effective gem that improves your psychic abilities? Trust this gem for its wonderful capability of strengthening and improving psychic abilities.

• Protects from negativity – Labradorite provides solid protection from negative vibrations. Wear the jewelry made of this gem to stay protected from negativity. Gift it to your loved ones so that they too find a shield from negative effects.

• Helps think positively – Do not let pessimistic thoughts disturb your present and future. Convert them into the optimistic mode by wearing the engrossing labradorite. Remember, positive thinking leads to confidence and hope. With these assets by your side, you can turn the impossible into the possible!

Stimulates the throat chakra – Enhance your communication skills and gain better power of expression by wearing labradorite earrings, labradorite silver bracelets, or labradorite pendants. The stone is known for activating the throat chakra leading to effective communication and expression of thoughts.

• Provides confidence and courage – Take your confidence to the next level with the help of this gem.

Get the strength to proceed further in life. Labradorite will give you a fresh and positive perspective along with courage and clarity so that you walk smoothly and confidently towards your objectives.

The gem is respected and coveted as a wonderful stone of magic. Improving the psychic abilities and power of intuition of its wearers, labradorite also helps understand spirituality in a better way.

Shop Beautiful Labradorite Jewelry Online

Are you planning to buy this jewelry? Whether you are looking for an eye-catching labradorite ring, statement labradorite pendants, or labradorite silver bracelet, you will get to choose and buy from a comprehensive range online. Just take care to shop your favorite gemstone jewelry from authentic online destinations. From the classical and contemporary styles to the forever-hit designs or customized options, you will discover an all-encompassing range of labradorite jewelry online.

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