Best Grow Light for Seedlings

 Best Grow Light for Seedlings

Not all seedlings thrive indoors. They need enough light to grow strong and healthy, which can be challenging to come by in a home setting. Seedlings will often do best when placed near a south-facing window, as this type of window offers the most natural light. However, even if there is a south-facing window in your home, it’s possible that it may not receive adequate sunlight for your seedlings to thrive.

In winter, when daylight hours are shorter, you may need an artificial light source to give your seedlings enough energy to grow. This post will review the three best seedlings to grow light from QUX.

Timer Switch USB LED Plant Grow Lamp Light

This timer switch grows lamp is recommended for seedlings in their first two weeks of growth. It’s 49 LED lights per ring, and each light uses only 5 watts. It draws 200 milliamperes at 12 volts with a life of 50,000 hours; the grow space is about 35 centimeters in diameter and has an input voltage of standard USB. The timer plug allows this lamp to be set according to the plant’s lighting duration requirement. 

Angel Halo’s combined package set of fully working LED plant-to-grow lights is built to last. It contains a bar, a countdown switch, two rings, and a 600mm power cable. The lighting range for the smaller ring is 140φ, whereas the illumination range for the bigger ring is 226φ. Despite the name “Angel Halo,” these growing astral energy lights do not only save power.

Contingent to your evolving demands, the timer has settings for eight, twelve, and 16 hours. Its Blue-pinkish lamps replicate the sundown that seedlings require to blossom at the appropriate times. The full spectrum light still mimics the sunlight to ensure easy adaptation of your seedlings. 

Light Herb Garden Height Adjustable QUX LED Grow Light

This is yet another full spectrum seedling grow from the QUX that’s easy to use and economical with electricity. It has three rings which use a total of 9 watts. Every ring features 30 LED components,  while the USB plug facilitates convenience. It requires input energy of 1-2  to imitate the sun and create a pinkish-white light.

The light has to be ideal when kept 5–15 cm from the seedling, but 15 to 35cm is also formidable. This bright yellow seedling growing lamp includes 30 LED crystals on every ring and a 250mm plexiglass bar. These heads may be arranged in zigzag and triangular patterns.

Single Ring AT Timer Switch Seedling Grow Lamp

The 50-piece quantity of LED grow lights made by Angel Halo features a USB plug compatible with an input current that can last 1–2A. It functions best in temperatures of around 40°C, reaching about –15°C. Furthermore, its lighting radius is 35 cm in length and 20 cm in width. This alloy zinc design seedling grow light has a lifetime of up to 50K hours of actual use. 

These grow lights are great for starting your seeds and have a dual-spectrum. There are three separate lengths of the same wire, and when turned on all at once, there is an intense, otherworldly pinkish light.

The Single-Ring Angle Halo model has an AT switch that allows you to program when your plants receive their daily growing light period: eight hours, 12 hours, or sixteen hours; then, it turns off by itself.

Wrapping up

When getting a seedling to grow light,  consider checking the light it emits. These QUX seedlings grow light and are designed in a way that they mimic the sun. Additionally, they have more than one ring to perpetuate intense lights that can be timed with a switch. You no longer have to worry about your seedling getting extra or fewer periods of light. 

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