The Tarsar Marsar journey in Kashmir is the prettiest trip in India. The main other journey that comes near its magnificence is the Kashmir Incredible Lakes journey. HIMALAYAN is a moderate journey, so you should come completely ready to do the trip.

Span: 7 Days

The trip takes you from one lake to the next, from Tarsar to Marsar, and afterward to Sundarsar. You additionally get to camp next to two of these staggering lakes. In this perspective, Tarsar Marsar is superior to the Kashmir Extraordinary Lakes journey.

At Indiahikes, we intently screen the social, and political circumstances in Kashmir. The security of our adventurers and staff on the slants are dependably our primary goal.


Length: 6 Days

Trouble level: Simple – Moderate | Level 2

District: Uttrakhand

Best opportunity to do the Brahmatal Journey: All seasons, aside from rainstorms

Brahmatal – Lakes in the Himalayas – Lake Journeys – Indiahikes – Trips in Uttarakhand – Snow Trips

Like a few different journeys, the Brahmatal was investigated and reported by Indiahikes. The most noteworthy point on this journey is the Brahmatal Top at 12,250 ft. It is a dazzling journey. Another arrangement of mountains open before you – Mt Chaukhamba, Mt Neelkanth, Mt Hathi Ghoda, Mt Trishul, and Mt Nanda Ghunti are close by all through the journey.

Brahmatal is a superb trip to do solo also. There is a ton of snow on the path in December, January, and February. The trip runs for the rest of April.


Span: 6 Days

Trouble level: Simple – Moderate | Level 1

Locale: Uttarakhand

Dayara Bugyal – Mountains – Himalayas-Snow – Simple Journeys – Indiahikes

Dayara Bugyal has every one of the components of an ideal Himalayan journey — great backwoods, lovely camping areas, old towns, exciting trips to high places, magnificent mountain sees and a couple of the best snow-capped knolls of Uttarakhand. These knolls are totally covered in snow in winter. This is a simple moderate journey a gift we seldom see.


Length: 6 Days

Trouble level: Simple – Moderate | Level 2

District: Uttrakhand

Best opportunity to do the Kedarkantha Journey: All seasons, with the exception of storm.

Kedakantha – Snow Trip – Winter Journey – Indiahikes – Woodland – Snow Timberland – Kedarnath – Uttrakhand

Kedarkantha is one of the initial not many trips we started sorting out. It has a shocking highest-point climb and is an ideal trip to do in all seasons. The Kedarkantha top stands at an elevation of 12,500 ft with a 360-degree perspective on other Himalayan pinnacles. Throughout the long term, we have found new and gutsy courses to the highest point.


Length: 6 Days

Trouble level: Simple Moderate | Level 2

District: Uttrakhand

Best opportunity to do the Deoriatal Chandrashila Trip: All seasons with the exception of rainstorms

Winter Trips – DC – Deoriatal Chandrashila – Snow Journeys – Indiahikes – Simple Trip

The Deoriatal Chandrashila journey with Indiahikes is a 6-day journey. It is an incredibly exceptional trip since it isn’t simply a segment of the Himalayan reaches that you see, yet every one of the significant highest points of Western and Eastern Uttarakhand from the culmination.

However, assuming you journey from Spring – April, you will likewise stroll among the full-blossomed rhododendrons! Furthermore, in view of the various types of birds you see on the path, it is properly called heaven for bird watchers.


Span: 8 Days

Trouble level: Moderate | Level 3

Locale: Uttrakhand

Best times to do the Har Ki Dun journey: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Har-Ki-Dun Fall Trip, Swargarohini – Journeys in September, October, November – Uttarakhand Journey

“The journey from Har Ki Dun to Ruinsara Tal highlights the Himalayas’ exquisite balancing act of culture and magnificence.. Getting to encounter the old Himalayan towns alongside stunningly gorgeous valleys, lakes and knolls is an exceptionally interesting mix to stop by”, says our prime supporter Sandhya.

Indiahikes added the Ruinsara Tal trip to the Har Ki Dun agenda on the grounds that the Har Ki Dun journey is fragmented without the Ruinsara Tal.

Ruinsara Tal is situated in complete detachment, and the Ruinsara valley is supposed to be prettier than the Har Ki Dun valley itself.


Term: 6 Days

Trouble level: Moderate | Level 3

District: Uttarakhand

Best opportunity to do the Phulara Edge Trip: Summer, Pre-winter

Phulara Edge – Edge Walk – Harvest time Journey – Trip in May, June, September, August , The Phulara Edge journey is perfect to do in September, October, November, May and June. It is a novel edge journey in India, and one of the more up to date journeys. The wonderful Pushtara knolls are another motivation behind why each traveler should do this trip.

Further, for a brief span of a journey, the Phulara Edge journey has a wonderful thick backwoods segment. In the event that you are a natural life, or bird sweetheart, this is certainly the journey for you. We have spotted more than 10 types of Himalayan birds on this trip.


Term: 7 Days

Trouble level: Moderate | Level 3

District: West Bengal/Nepal

Best opportunity to do the Sandakphu Phalut: All seasons aside from Rainstorm

The Sandakphu Phalut journey is one of a handful of the trips from where you can see 4 out of 5 of the tallest mountains on the planet — Mt Everest, Mt Lhotse, Mt Makalu and Mt Kanchenjunga. Among every single Himalayan journey, this view is the very thing that the Sandakphu journey stands apart for. Alongside this, you additionally see the Kanchenjunga range with other Himalayan mountains, broadly known as the Resting Buddha — a picture that will remain with you long into the future.

An interesting component of this trip are the tea houses you will find. They are like lodgings and cafés, yet are indefinably unique. You should remain in one, to encounter the glow of a tea house.


Length: 6 Days

Trouble level: Moderate | Level 2

District: Uttarakhand

Best opportunity to do the Valley of Blossoms Journey: July – September

The Valley of Blossoms journey is loaded up with legends. It is said the adventurers fall oblivious from the weighty fragrance of the blossoms on the valley floor. The second you enter the valley, you take care of a general perspective on its immense region in a layer of blossoms. Blossoms, leaves, buds of different shapes, sizes, colors are seen here.

The trip likewise goes through the Hemkund Sahib, one of the greatest spots of journey and love.


Length: 6 Days

Trouble level: Moderate | Level 3

Area: Himachal Pradesh

Best Chance to do: Rainstorm

“Hampta Pass was the principal journey that we investigated outside our large ones in Uttarakhand. This was in 2010. It is maybe quite possibly the best trip to do in Himachal. It is a journey near my heart since I realize Indiahikes set it up for life for travelers to do. It is a trip that I would do once more. My rundown of extraordinary trips is deficient without this one in it”, says our organizer, Arjun Majumdar

You should do this journey since it is one of the most sensational hybrid trips in the nation. It starts from the rich green valleys of Kullu through a tight canyon like valley to a shade high in the mountains. From the pass, you can see the whole Spiti valley in one wide all encompassing compass.

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