Best Live Streaming Platforms For Musicians

 Best Live Streaming Platforms For Musicians

Music is now a part and parcel of our life. Many people known and unknown have come out to showcase their talent. And one platform that provides them space is live streaming. Musicians always feel a lack of platform availability to showcase their talent live but the culture of live streaming has come through. Live Streams were always there on social media but it got attention in the global pandemic when people have no no other source to reach the audience than it. According  to a source, Youtube has seen a 200% rise in it in the year 2020 alone. And it has only grown since. But there are platforms other than Youtube as well that provide a proper setup for your it. Some of the platforms include the features of multistreaming too. And what better than to reach a vast audience in one go, right!

Here are some of the platforms of live streaming for musicians to choose from. 

Live Streaming

Any media that is jointly recorded and transmitted it is referred to as live streaming. Streaming differs from it in that it is only available on demand. It has previously been recorded. While in it everything is on the spot. The benefit of it while also being filmed during the performance is that it allows the audience to watch the broadcast while also putting pressure on the artist performing.

Group of people in front of the concert stage

Live streaming has all of the spontaneity and thrills of a live performance. And, because most platforms allow for fan interaction, live streaming actually outperforms a live show in terms of audience interaction. This excitement and involvement is what has made it such a popular way for musicians to connect with fans who are missing live music.

Music Streaming

Live streaming has a separate fan base and if there is a it of music, it will surely have an audience. If you are a fan of Radio and love to listen to it while doing your daily work then is exactly like that. Music lovers will surely connect to the live session while they are driving to work or cooking or just casually sitting in your living room. 

A man standing on the stage performing live

If you are a musician and you are in doubt as to why I would live stream. And you are second guessing because of the hustle for lighting, angles and sound. Then let me tell you, music lovers are all for it nowadays. They want to listen to something fresh, something unique. And it platforms are providing a platform for this. There are so many new artists getting the attention that they deserve. Because in it there is not only your audience or the people that know you. But also a random person that is scrolling to watch something exciting and landed in your stream.

Certainly, it would be difficult to set up everything on your own and to make sure that everything went well. But you have to do it one time only. 

Benefits Of Live Streaming Music

  • Regular live streaming enables you to highlight different songs from your collection as well as other aspects of your talent, such as the stories behind your songs.
  • When you go live, several sites notify your audience which will help you engage with the audience more.
  • The efficiency with which you can generate content through allows you to maintain a consistent presence on social media without having to develop additional unique posts or other content.
  • Live-stream content can be simply cut up into shorter pieces and movies later.
  • Live streaming can be use in conjunction with social media marketing to help brand new fans engage with your music on a deeper level.

Best Platform of Live Streaming For Musicians 

With the rise in popularity of live streaming, there are a plethora of platforms from which to pick when it comes to hosting your video. There are so many to choose from that it might be difficult to know where to begin. But to make your life easier, we will discuss the platforms that allow you to stream for free. 

  • LivePush

Livepush is a video dashboard that provides streaming, live scheduling, and VOD hosting services. It is built on a highly scalable cloud to stream live events at any scale. Easily broadcast live media to over 45 streaming platforms at the same time, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and LinkedIn, with no additional effort from the user.

LivePush Logo

The platform provides multiple streaming solutions to cater your needs. It includes Game streaming, Church Streaming and Live TV Streaming. You can have mass viewers by streaming epic gameplay on multiple platforms at the same time. The features include to stream your previously recorded sessions too. Also, to interact with your audience you can use chat overlays from different streaming sites to one embedded chatbox. Now you can do Twitch and Youtube streaming at the same time.

  • YouTube Live

After their maiden launch in 2008, YouTube continues to test their live streaming capability, holding events ranging from a U2 concert in 2009 to a Q&A with Barack Obama in 2010. The true breakthrough came in 2012, when YouTube streamed the London Olympics and Felix Baumgartner’s world-record-breaking jump from space a few months later. Finally, YouTube Live was released in May 2013, allowing viewers to produce their own live feeds. YouTube has long been the go-to destination for online video. And now it has made its name in live streaming too. 

YouTube Live


Live streaming can surely earn you money by one way or another. If you are a known face at live streaming, you can earn through sales and different partnerships and brand endorsements. Or people are now investing in streamers too. It is a way to generate a great revenue and surely become a new career path for youth. 

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