Best motorcycle jeans

 Best motorcycle jeans

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We are of the opinion that well-thought-out protective clothing such as motorcycle jeans with protectors or a biker jacket with appropriate protective equipment is at least as important as the choice of the right motorcycle helmet.

In terms of fits, hoverboard charger pinout it makes sense to choose the respective models for your gender. The manufacturers go into detail about the different figures, which leads, for example, to motorcycle jeans for men in short sizes and skinny motorcycle jeans for slim women. You can also buy children’s motorcycle jeans for your offspring in order to protect them in the best possible way during a leisurely ride.

This adjustment of the cut ensures that you feel completely comfortable both in the curvy women’s body and in rather straight silhouettes of men, both during the ride and during breaks. The motorcycle jeans are slim as well as the motorcycle jeans in short size sit tightly, pinch and pinch but also nowhere on the bike.

Tip: Therefore, try on your new motorcycle jeans not only in the shop or in the apartment, but also get on your motorcycle for a short test ride. After all, in both cases, the pants should fit great and make you look good.

The best motorcycle jeans look good and have the right features

Whether you opt for black motorcycle jeans or a dark blue variant, in the end, you can make it completely dependent on your personal taste.

In motorcycle jeans tests, however, it has been shown that other characteristics need to be considered well before you buy motorcycle jeans. We have summarized the most important purchasing characteristics from tests of jeans pants for motorcycles for you.

Are the motorcycle jeans suitable for all genders?

You should definitely choose motorcycle jeans from BMW or other brands in the right fit. For example, if a lady reaches for oversized motorcycle jeans for men, she risks a too-loose fit on her leg. What can look quite casual when standing and walking quickly becomes a safety risk while driving.

Because if the pants fit loosely, the protectors can also slip and do not offer sufficient protection in the event of an accident. When cutting, choose motorcycle jeans slim, skinny, or simply tight-fitting, so that the protectors can offer you really good protection.

What number of ventilation zippers makes sense?

In motorcycle jeans tests, we mainly found trousers completely without ventilation zippers. We interpret this as an indication that this detail is actually not absolutely necessary, but can still offer a plus in wearing comfort.

If the motorcycle jeans are equipped with such zippers for ventilation, they are located on the side of the thighs. So you can practically and easily let the accumulated air escape after a ride through the summer wind without having to do a striptease.

But beware: Do not confuse the ventilation zipper with the motorcycle jeans with connecting zipper. These variants have an additional zipper at the top of the hem, with which you can make a connection between biker jackets and trousers. The spirits differ at this point because some prefer to choose a one-piece right away, while others appreciate the varied combination possibilities.

Choose only certified protectors

Do not do without the protection of protectors, ideally both on the knees and hips. The protectors are not made of unpleasantly hard plastic but of anatomically shaped soft foam. best electric stakeboards there is a European standard in which minimum size, as well as absorption in case of blows, is regulated. Therefore, pay attention to special test seals or product descriptions that refer to the guideline EN-1621-1:2012.

Since the protectors are located in small inner pockets, you can also exchange them with each other between your motorcycle jeans. If your protectors have actually been stressed by a fall, you should get a new pair of protectors, which are also available separately. When buying new protectors or motorcycle jeans from Tchibo or other bargains, pay attention to certified safety.

The outer material is often not made of 100% denim

Even though motorcycle jeans are always breathable and robust trousers in a cool jeans look, the outer material is usually not only made of cotton. We have found the following compositions in motorcycle jeans tests:

52 % cotton

42 % Polyethylene

3 % elastomultiester

3 % elastane

These are stretchy motorcycle jeans in which the elastic fibers provide more mobility in contrast to pure denim. This is very pleasant, especially with tight-fitting cuts. If you read aramid as a component, then it is motorcycle jeans, which have been further reinforced with particularly tear- and fire-resistant fibers.

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