Best Neighbourhoods in London for Your Next Family Home

 Best Neighbourhoods in London for Your Next Family Home

London is the melting pot of culture, and diversity only begins with food and forms of entertainment. It spans over 32 boroughs, and each one has its personality. There is something unique on offer, whichever corner you visit, but not all of them are ideal places to start a family. Deciding where to live in a city like London can be a challenge, especially if unfamiliar with the territory. We will equip you with the information to narrow down your list of flats and houses with this guide. 

We have shortlisted the best neighbourhoods for parents and their children based on several important factors. You can find a place to live based on the area’s schools, parks, and other amenities. There are a lot of safe neighbourhoods in London, but they do come with a higher price tag. 

Notting Hill

You might be familiar with Notting Hill because of the movie, but it has other claims to fame too. Besides being a tourist attraction, the neighbourhood has some prime Central London properties on sale. Victorian houses are lining the streets, ready for your families to make them a home. The community is diverse and has eateries featuring different cuisines from around the world. They also host a carnival every year, which offers activities and fun for people of all ages.


Southwest London is home to Richmond, which is one of the most popular neighbourhoods. The Thames Riverbank adds more value to the properties in the area. Young families flock to Richmond for the top-rated schools. It does not hurt that Richmond Park is just around the corner. The town combines suburban and country style with enough entertainment to keep any family busy. From museums, galleries to deer parks, you can have it all. The best part is that it is only 30 minutes away from Central London.


Hampstead is one of the neighbourhoods which have kept up the century-old traditions while catching up with modernity. If you love country life and want to live in a quieter borough, then Hampstead is it. The main street features independent groceries, family-owned shops, and small bakeries like the old days. Many of London’s influential families live here, and this is where you will always find a house for sale in London. Hampstead Heath is in an area which has lush, green gardens for your pleasure. Parliament Hill is also a great place to escape for a swim during the warm summers.


Camden is a great competitor for prime Central London properties because it offers a vibrant social life. The high street is always busy with tourists because of the unique local businesses in the area. The pubs and live performance spaces come alive at night with music and dancing. The quiet residential area is a few minutes away, and you will not be kept up all night by the music. This area is more suited towards younger couples who want their flat to be a stone’s throw from the nightlife.


The most expensive postcode in London is also famous for its grand houses and safe streets. There are gorgeous Victorian villas and Gregorian walk-ups that will attract families from all over England. However, it would help if you had enough to keep up with all the wealthy families who reside here. There are large community and family events for everyone to socialize. They also enjoy their high-end boutiques, fine-dining experiences, and bars. Some of the most prestigious private schools are also in the Chelsea area.


South London is home to Battersea, which has slowly emerged as a popular residential area. There are famous landmarks like the Park, Power Station, and Bridge which adds scenic beauty to the local landscape. It used to be an industrial hub but has now embraced a much quieter and family-friendly vibe. You can also enjoy the social scene and spot many celebrities who have made it their home. The culture, food, wine, and great outdoors of Battersea are reason enough for anyone to look for a house for sale in London. It might not be easy to find the right-sized housing here, but you will never want to live anywhere else when you do.

 If you have chosen to start a family or to move your children to London, then this is where you want to be. Real estate here is more expensive in general, but the quality of life is unmatched. 


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