Best Places to Dtay in Shimla

Shimla, the queen of the Hills is a mesmerizing place. Not only beautiful, but it also has a rich cultural and traditional background. The perfect place to go on a holiday with your family, friends, your spouse, or even a corporate getaway. The question that arrives though is where to stay in Shimla with all the tourists visiting, and people having a staycation and so many different options to choose from, hostels, campsites, BnBs, homestays, 4-star Hotels in Shimla.

What would be your best place to stay at Shimla, though also depends on the group you’re going with. If going with family, staying at 4 star hotels in Shimla would be the best option. Solo travelers prefer hostels or homestays to get to know the culture and get to know more about Shimla and nearby places by the locals. For a group of friends, camping with a pretty view or staying at a hostel dorm are the preferred options. With the activities planned at the campsites, and the variety of indoor activities in a hostel campus, friends love staying at a hostel or a campsite. 
If going for a romantic getaway, 4-star hotels in Shimla would be your way to go. The warmth of the blanket, the coziness of a hotel room, the in-room dining, with a more than a perfect view, sounds just too good to miss out; and if you’re going for a corporate getaway, booking a BnB and the whole place would be yours and that will colleagues sounds like fun.

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