Best Real Estate Websites for Buying and Selling Homes in 2021

 Best Real Estate Websites for Buying and Selling Homes in 2021

Almost a decade before, buying or selling a property was the most difficult thing to do. You had to do the research all by yourself and visit so many places in order to buy or sell any property. But now, everything is much simpler and easy, you can just sell your property or buy any with the help of different online websites available. Here are some Pakistan-based real estate websites that can actually help you out.

You may also like to learn about the Rudn Enclave Islamabad. is the pioneer of the online real estate business. It was not famous in the 2010s, until the last 5 years it became more prominent online. It has almost 4.2 million monthly users now. It can help you find anything related to real estate like rental property, agricultural land, plots, houses, villas, commercial plazas, and whatnot.

This website originated in 2015. Its owner returned to Pakistan after 15 years of real estate experience in the UK to bring innovation in real estate in Pakistan. It created much awareness among people about real estate and property. This website has a few sections like Buy, Rent, News, Agents, Developers, and Blogs from which you can choose accordingly.

This website is particularly new and it also has an investment portal. When this website was launched its slogan was, “Mashwara Amanat Hai”. It aimed to portray the true picture of the real estate business. Their website’s layout is user-friendly and has options like maps, rental, buying, and selling. According to recent updates, this app is launching some new features than any other app has not launched yet.

The layout of This website is pretty simple yet unique which includes rent, buying, and selling. This website is quite new and still emerging.

This website is basically based in Gujranwala and it is user-friendly as well. The user can simply search the required property in the search bar in the minimum and also maximum pricing in the desired location.

Where there was no such awareness about the real estate business on online platforms, in 2009 this app was launched in that era. Its main focus is to help the visitors and give them profitable and sound investment options. It has an overseas property section on the website as well and the rest is pretty basic which includes renting, buying, and selling.

This is one of the famous real estate websites in Pakistan with a slogan of, “Makkan, Dukan, our Zameen”, (House, shop, and property), this is what this website offers. It is based in Karachi. has a blog section on its website as well.

This website emerged in 2016. This website also offers real estate agents. Moreover, it helps its users to find what they are looking for conveniently. Its website’s layout includes rent, buy, and sell options for the users, they can choose accordingly.

This website is pretty advanced and is one of the most famous digital real estate business websites. This website has a multilingual option which is very helpful for overseas Pakistanis if they want to buy property in Pakistan. Its website layout is simple and has a blog option, rent, buy and, sell option.


Buying or selling a property is a hard decision to make and it would become even more difficult if you go out and search for available options all by yourself. Digital real estate websites have made it all easy, with the diversity and vastness of options available on their websites. The above mentioned are the best real estate websites in Pakistan.

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