Best Tips to Create a Dazzling Office Look with Classy Jewellery

People are quick to judge and more so at the workplace. They instantly form an impression about you based on your appearance and the way you dress. Your hard work and talent come later. It is the bitter truth but something that we all have done to someone else or have been the victim ourselves. This is why to ensure that your first impression is the best, it is important to style yourself right for office, not just on the first day but every day. It sets the tone for how everyone looks at you and how seriously they take you.

Office jewellery must be classy, chic and elegant. Nothing that is too much on the face. Bling and too much of shine is a big no-no. keeping it simple and classy goes a long way in creating a dazzling look. You do not want to end up looking like a disco ball by wearing too much bling. We tend to get stuck in the rut of a simple diamond ring or pearl studs as the only appropriate office wear. But the heart pendant online that stole your heart, is styled properly, it becomes appropriate for office as well. Keeping this in mind, we have put together some tips for you to dazzle in the office with classy jewellery and be a style guru as your side hustle.

  • Small pendants do the trick – pendants that are small paired with a gold chain work really well. They can be paired with just about any outfit that you wear to office and will make you look very professional. The latest diamond pendant designs that you saw online will work great with a simple pant suit or even Indian wear if that is something you are more comfortable in.
  • Simple studs are always welcome – studs, whether they are pearl, diamond or gold, are a classic when it comes to office wear. They make you look like a girl boss and work beautifully with all and every kind of western and Indian office outfits. They are also hassle free and do not require too much of styling early in the morning. Go for lightweight jewellery and not something that is too heavy on the ears and it will agitate you by the end of the day.
  • Rings are a game changer – a delicate ring, whether it is gold, platinum or with a diamond, is another office staple that never goes out of style. It works great with both Indian and western wear and makes you look great at the same time. It instantly lifts the look of any outfit that you pair it with and keeps you looking stylish throughout. Avoid wearing anything that is too large or chunky as it will be a hindrance while going about your daily office work.
  • Wrist accessories for the win – whether you choose to wear bracelets or a nice watch, a wrist accessory is always welcome while styling yourself for the office. However do not wear anything heavy or chunk as it will only restrict your hand movement and not allow you to do your properly. Simple pearl or gold bracelets work great and a simple belt watch too.

One simple rule to follow for office, irrespective of whether you choose to wear studs, bracelets, rings or pendants is to never wear anything that is too chunky. They will create unnecessary distractions not just for you but even for others in the office. It is advisable to keep it simple and fashionable at the same time.

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