Best Tools To Work In the Cloud Wherever You Are

 Best Tools To Work In the Cloud Wherever You Are

With the arrival of summer, most of us have our sights set on vacation. Not all of us can disconnect 100% during these months if we want to keep our business afloat. And, therefore, we have to take office “on our backs” to work from anywhere.

The hottest days of the year ask us to rest. And although it is true that having a team will help you get the job done during the hardest days, you will need more than human capital to optimize tasks to the maximum and be able to lose weight from above.

For this reason, in this article, I want to talk to you about some very useful tools in the cloud. This not only helps me improve productivity these days but also help me coordinate better with my team even if I am away from the office.

Now, we have many options for working online from anywhere, sometimes without even needing a computer. You will only need a good device and Internet connection!

Content Creation and Design Tools

If you need to be able to create designs online, some tools can help you with this online.

They are not tools as complete as the programs that you can install on your own computer. But they help you get out of more than one jam, and they are also very simple to use.

There are many tools for the design of infographics that can help you in this regard. And others are for social networks.

• Adobe Spark

It is to generate content that can go viral online. It allows you to work directly on formats compatible with social networks or email marketing. 

Adobe Spark is one of those tools that, although it has limitations, helps you generate graphics quickly and with a good finish.

• FlexClip

I talked about this tool many times, and I used it a lot. There is no need to install any software with this web-based app. You can create great video content with their templates in minutes. FlexClip is ideal for starters.

• AutoDraw

It is available within Google Drive. Because it is another of Google’s cloud tools that make it easier for us to work online. It is an intelligent drawing service that for making sketches or diagrams and explains something visually quickly.

In addition, it is essential to be able to explain something when the other person is not around. And it is that sometimes it is difficult to understand only with words.

Storage Tools

What we are going to see is one of the characteristics that I consider the most important of the work tools in the cloud; the storage capacity, that space in which you will be able to store all your documents and have access to them from anywhere.

Many tools have this feature. But I am going to tell you about the most practical ones for me and popular.

They are all quite simple to use and free, or at least with a large capacity for the “free” account.

• Google drive

It is associated with the Gmail account and also with the Google Docs files that we will see later.

It can be accessed from any device, organized in folders, and marked the most important files as starred to find them easily. Perhaps that is why it is my favorite to work in a team on a daily basis.

One of the things that I like the most is that it allows you to see the history of the folders that you share with other users. Thus, you can know if other colleagues have made changes or if they have simply accessed the document.

It also allows you to see who and when each document was opened and what was done with it.

Regarding storage? Well, in case you hadn’t taken it into account, you should know that with this tool. And You can have 5GB of storage for free and 25GB more for €2 per month.

Although I suppose that you already know this tool to work in the cloud, you must recognize that it is an essential resource for all of us who work online together with other people (wherever we are).

• Dropbox

It is another of the most popular, with more than 300 million users in the world. If you have it on the mobile application, it allows you to synchronize the camera and all your files to upload a backup copy directly to your Dropbox account.

Document Management Tools

It’s great to be able to store your presentations in the cloud, but if the computer you’re accessing doesn’t have the same editing program you’ve used, you may have compatibility issues.

For this reason, in addition to storage, it is interesting to have tools with which you can manage your documents and work on them online.

• Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the most comfortable tools to work in the cloud. It is directly in Google Drive, and you do not have to worry about saving your work since it syncs itself and is compatible with Microsoft Office documents.

It has a program to manage documents, one to manage spreadsheets, and another for presentations, forms, drawings, and web pages.

The best thing is that it has various add-ons or extensions that you can install to improve the functions of each program, customizing them to the maximum.

• WeTransfer

This tool is not one of the cloud tools as such. You can use it to send heavy documents that do not fit in an email.

It is very useful when you want to have one of these documents available outside your office since it allows them to remain stored in your system for 14 days.

What must be clear is that after those 14 days, the document will no longer be available, so it is in a timely manner. It is not one of the most secure tools, so you have to be careful with confidentiality.

Business Management Tools

Being on vacation doesn’t mean you can neglect business. Sometimes you can allow yourself a few days off, but other times you have to continue to control everything that happens (and this happens in most cases).

• Todoist

This is one of my latest discoveries thanks to the recommendation of one of my colleagues, who started using it and showed me with her own experience to what extent it helps you organize yourself and be more productive when working as a team online.

The best thing about this tool is that it can sync on mobile and computer and also put extensions in the browser or email.

You can know at all times the work situation and manage everything to continue advancing. Super practical to not miss anything, don’t you think?

• Evernote

It is much more than a management tool. Evernote allows you to centralize all administrative and other work in one tool. And it allows you to organize billing, documentation, tasks, and contacts.

It is a small office concentrating on a single tool. It makes it easy to access from any device and syncs quickly.


The evolution of cloud tools has made it easier for workers to relocate, and offices can be anywhere. Thanks to this, summers can be more bearable even for those who cannot stop working.

But if you are going to want to work from another device, you must not forget to synchronize everything well before leaving your usual office. Timing is the key for all of this to work.

Do you use any other cloud tools to be able to work from different devices and locations? Which ones would you recommend?

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