Best Way to Receive SMS Online

 Best Way to Receive SMS Online

Most websites, including social media platforms, blogs, gaming and discussion forums, and shopping websites, ask for your number before accessing their full content. And in these situations, you aren’t pleased about giving away your private number – it would be like signing up for a lifetime to junk SMS and notifications that you don’t want. So how to send and receive SMS online to get quick verifications? Easy! Get a temporary number

These temporary SMS numbers can be convenient, and there are numerous websites where you can get them. So let’s discuss how getting a temporary number is beneficial before introducing you to the top 12 best websites to send and receive SMS online. 

Why Get A Temporary Number?

When signing up on a website to access their content becomes necessary, a temporary number can be a great alternative to providing your actual number. Thus, while listing your private possessions for sale online or for signing up to a social media account, get hold of a temporary number on a website! 

Their temp SMS services will allow you to get your account verification done while protecting your identity! This will save you from a plethora of junk SMS alerts and notifications while protecting your private data from going out to anyone and everyone on the Internet. This will save you from a plethora of junk SMS alerts and notifications while protecting your private data from going out to anyone and everyone on the Internet.  

Here are the top 12 websites to receive SMS online. 

Top 12 Websites To Receive SMS Online

  1. Pinger Textfree Web

Pinger Textfree Web is an excellent website for sending and receiving SMS online because they have a good US proxy and a reliable VPN. You sign up for free, and all you have to do is provide a usable USA zip code, which you can easily find on the Internet!

  1. FreePhoneNum

This website consists of almost 27 numbers, all from two countries, Canada and the USA. They even have a free voice call option for two-way calls! They also allow you to send 5 messages to Canada or USA-based numbers every day. 

  1. FreeTempSMS

While the original country has not been revealed on this website, it appears to be from India. It consists of 8 numbers from the USA and Canada and receives SMS within seconds. 

  1. SMS-Online

This website consists of 8 phone numbers from Sweden, Indonesia, Malaysia, France, Puerto Rico, the USA, and the United Kingdom. They have a multi-language service and even support special characters like Cyrillic and Chinese.

  1. Fakenum

Fakenum’s five numbers all belong to the United States, and they all are equally fast to deploy and receive SMS online. The best part about their numbers is that they get accepted on Twilio’s trial account (read on to know) and can save you from giving up your private number!

  1. Online-SMS

Online-SMS has one of the best ranges of phone numbers with 70 numbers from over 14 countries, including Latvia, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Poland, France, Belgium, UK, Canada, and the USA.

  1. Sms-verification

SMS verification consists of 3 numbers, all from the USA. The numbers work just fine and are fast to receive SMS – all within a few seconds! 

  1. Mytrashmobile 

Mytrashmobile comes with just 3 numbers from the UK, Canada, and the USA. These numbers work individually but will not work together at the same time. So if you are alright with having just one number at a time, you can choose this website. 

  1. Receive

This website, too, has a great collection of temporary SMS numbers to choose from, and all of them can be used to send and receive texts within seconds! However, their secondary domain server might pose some problems. 


This is a reliable website with a broad selection of temporary SMS numbers from over 228 countries. They also have a beneficial customer support group that can help you send and receive SMS 24*7.

  1. Sellaite SMS Receiver 

This is a very trustworthy website because they have been around for several years. They are also unique because they use 3 main phone numbers from Estonia. They are also very fast in replacing offline numbers with online working numbers, thus maintaining reliability. They even have a voice messaging option for voice-based phone number verifications! 

  1. Twilio 

Twilio is a reliable website, but ironically, you need to provide a phone number for verification to access their temporary numbers. It also comes with a free trial account worth $16, and you get only one active number during that period. However, it is an excellent option for sending private and personal texts as the credentials are more secure than the others. 


You might need to look around for a while to find a website that suits your needs. But don’t worry, you will find one from the websites mentioned above. They even have a free voice call option for two-way calls! And they will help you send and receive SMS online. So download these apps and get your temporary number today!


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