Best affordable electric cycles that you can buy right now in India

 Best affordable electric cycles that you can buy right now in India

The electric cycle is trending in India because these are the best eco-friendly commuting option you can think of. You will save both time and energy during long-distance traveling. Now, an electric cycle has several variants. For example, if you are a fitness freak but can’t part with comfort, you might want to choose an e-bike that has a step-through frame. Again, if you are an offroad cyclist who loves to ride through mountains, valleys, and hills, buying an e-bike with a high torque hub or a middle-motor system is an excellent choice. Now, getting an electric bicycle under 10000 is like finding a needle in a haystack. However, we can still help you to find an electric cycle that will suffice your needs and at the same time is moderately priced compared to the features that they have. 

Please note that you can get a regular MTB or hybrid or even a gear bicycle under 10000. But, an electric cycle costs way more than a regular bicycle because it is packed with features. The cost of the high-end components, the top-notch technology used to manufacture the electric cycle costs way more. 

Let us look at a few affordable options: 

  • ODO Bikes MS Frame Hawk E-Bicycle: Generic has brought to you this affordable yet high-end electric cycle. No, this electric cycle doesn’t fall under the category “electric bicycle under 10000”. But, it undoubtedly is a more affordable option than its competitors. The bike costs around 28,500 INR in India. The frame of this electric cycle is made of top-grade steel, the disc-type brake to conform to safety standards, and it is well-equipped with a 7.8Ah lithium-ion battery that can be easily removed and a 3A fast charger. 
  • ORBIS Thunder 26 inches 21-speed E-Bike: This wonder from ORBIS cycles will grab your interest for sure; if you are looking for a more affordable option. The cost of this one is 27,500 INR. This electric cycle can attain a top speed of 25 Kmph, and it can traverse a distance of 50 km on a single charge. The e-bike, which is not a bicycle under 10000, is equipped with a 12-magnet PAS dustproof magnet. You will also get a mobile charging facility with this electric cycle. The capacity of the detachable Li-ion battery is 36 V 7.5 AH.  
  • HERO Lectro C4: The powerful motor is 250W, and the capacity of the Li-ion battery is massive. It can help you travel 30km on a single charge. You will get this electric cycle at 23,999 INR… pretty moderately priced and feature-filled. The push-button start facilitates you to start the bike quickly. The front of the suspension assures brilliant comfort. The aerodynamic blade type made of rigid steel ensures safety. The front disc brakes and the rear V brakes make this bike super safe for even young adults who love to travel through the alleys of the old cities. 
  • BattRE Electric Mobility Newtron: At 29,900 INR, you will get this outstanding electric cycle that comes with a powerful battery, high charging efficiency, the capability to travel long distances on a single charge, and more. If you are looking for a bicycle under 10000, then this is not for you. However, if you are interested in stretching your budget a little to get something substantial that will last longer, go for this electric cycle. Yes, the performance of this bike has never failed to disappoint its patrons, and it is by far one of the top e-bikes that sell in India at this price range. Now, you don’t have to give up on your bike dreams. This high-end model can become yours because there are spell-binding offers and deals on this bike. Plus, you can always choose the no-cost EMI scheme on the EMI store to make a purchase worth remembering. 
  • Lectro E Zephyr SS: This one is perhaps the most affordable option on this list. The average Ex-showroom cost of this super cool electric cycle is 17,850 INR. The bike can attain the highest speed of 25kmph and cover 30 km on a single charge. The battery takes around 4 hrs to charge fully. There are pedals as well. So, people who want to experience the taste of both worlds, i.e., traditional cycling, and enjoy the pleasures of e-biking, must find this bike most usable. This electric cycle weighs approximately 19 kg. 

Greet the eco-friendly option that will rule future mobility. Use eco-friendly commuting options more to do your part in making this world a better place. Breathe the fresh air, improve your physical condition, and enjoy the pleasure of riding an electric cycle. No, there is not a single reason for you to procrastinate anymore. Act on your desire to get a high-end e-bike at an affordable price today. Yes, if you want a bicycle under 10000, this is the best time to explore the options because the sale season is on!  

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