5 Latest Developments in Blue Town Smart City Block

 5 Latest Developments in Blue Town Smart City Block

Blue Town Smart City Block

We all know about Blue World City and Blue Town Sapphire Lahore. Both these projects are under the supervision of the Blue Group of Companies. After the success of both these real estate projects, the developers have introduced the new block in Blue Town Sapphire with the name blue town smart city block. This project is the best development for the residents of Lahore, and in this article, we will discuss the latest developments in this smart city block.

Blue Town Smart City Developments

The latest development in the Blue Town Smart City is being developed on the latest infrastructure and smart technological development. It is a wonderful housing complex with all the amenities and facilities that someone wants to live a luxurious lifestyle. The block features up-to-date technology and communication systems for better security, surveillance, and services. 

Smart city block canal road Lahore is present on the most sought-after location of the canal road. It has proximity to other housing societies in Lahore, such as Bahria Town and Zaitoon City. The ideal location of the “Blue Town Smart City offers many investment opportunities and prospects for investors. 

The developers of the society have decided on this location after great thinking because they want the best location for the project. They want everything best, and therefore they have chosen the best location. Canal Road will be the real estate hub for the next 5 to 10 years. So, it will offer the best investment opportunities to the residents.

  1. Legal Status

The next main development in the Blue Town Smart City is its legal status. It is a complete legal project, and the management has received the No Objection Certificate from the regulatory body. Smart city block LDA Approvedstatus is the biggest achievement as the investors are now showing more interest in its development. So, we can say that it is an ideal choice for residence and investment purposes.

Moreover, it is a common observation that people tend to take more interest in a legal scheme. It is due to the reason that in a legal society, the investments are safe. 

  1. Master Plan

In the planning of Smart City Block, the developers have done a great job. The master plan is according to the location of the society. All the things of need are in an ideal place that provides maximum convenience and comfort to the residents. The residential plots available in the smart city are from 3 Marla to 20 Marla. Commercial plots are also available in the market, of 3 Marla of 8 Marla. So, profits are confirmed whether you invest in any block, either a commercial or a residential plot. 

  1. Blue Town Smart City Payment Plan

Smart City Block Developers have introduced an affordable payment plan for investors. It is also the biggest investment option for people who cannot afford highly expensive payment plans. The purpose of the developers is to offer the investors a high return on their investment. In addition, it provides the facility of easy payment to everyone so everyone can live a peaceful and luxurious life in the city’s heart. 

  1. Investment Options

The developers of the society have introduced the latest investment options in the Blue Town Smart City residential sector. A plot of 3 Marla in the society with the cost you total of 1,995,000/-. If you want to purchase a plot of 5 Marla, it will cost you 3,250,000/-. Similarly, the 8 Marla plot cost will be PKR 5,000,000/-, and the price of a 10 Marla plot will be 6,000,000/-. There is also a 20 Marla residential plot available in the society, costing 11,000,000/-.

All these plots are available with the easy installment plan of 4-years, and the investors have to pay the 30% down payment in advance to book a plot in the society. The payment plan and investment options in the commercial block are different from this plan. Also, the prices of plots vary in the commercial sector.

  1. Amenities Development

The amenities and facilities development in the Blue Town Smart City Block is at their peak. The management strives to offer all the facilities to the residents they want. A few amenities are as follows:

Safety & Security

The safest and most secure investment option in Lahore is the smart city. Society not only offers secure investment options but also offers safety and security for people living in society.

24/7 Surveillance

The development of the live monitoring of the community is another big achievement that makes the society the best among the rest.

24/7 Gas, Electricity & Water

There is the development of units to provide basic facilities to the residents, such as the supply of electricity, water, and gas. In addition, the management is ensuring that there will be no interruption in the supply of these facilities.

NOC-Approved Society

Smart City Block NOC is the biggest development of the society that ensures the investors about their investments. After the approval, society is progressing rapidly. So it’s the best time to invest in it.

Educational Institutes 

The developers have also planned to open educational institutes on international standards in society. In addition, there will be Grand Mosques in this block so that residents can fulfill their spiritual and religious needs.

Commercial Hub

Smart City of Blue Town Sapphire has also met the entertainment needs of the residents. The infrastructure of the society will also include the Commercial and Entertainment Hub.


In the article, we have discussed the developments in the Blue Town Smart City Block and how it is the best investment option for all. The society has a total area of 600 Kanal, and it is in the prime location of Lahore City. So, this is the best society in Lahore, not only in terms of investment but also from a living perspective. However, “Blue World City” is the best name to rely on if you are looking for investment options in Islamabad. 

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