Booking Express Travel Things to Do on Vacations in Grenada

 Booking Express Travel Things to Do on Vacations in Grenada

Booking Express Travel explains when on vacations in Grenada, you’ll want to take time to explore the island’s waterfalls. The stunning Annandale Falls plunges 10 metres into a pool below. Another waterfall, Mount Carmel Falls, is twice as high and less visited. Finally, Concord Falls is a series of three cascades that are awe-inspiring.


The island offers many attractions, including the House of Chocolate and the Grenada National Museum. The latter houses a significant collection of historical items. In addition to the cultural attractions, Grenada’s harbor is full of colorful boats and plenty of restaurants and gift shops. The water in Grenada is also perfect for snorkeling. At the underwater sculpture park of Moliniere Bay, you can see more than fifty statues and admire the spectacular volcanic rock formations.

There are also many beaches to visit, explains Booking Express Travel. Levera National Park is home to brilliant coral reefs and expansive mangrove swamps. This park is also a hatchery for sea turtles. You can snorkel here for free using the snorkel gear provided by the national park.

For history buffs, Grenada’s National Museum is a must-see while on vacations in Grenada. Located in a former prison, this museum exhibits Carib and Arawak artifacts. It also has exhibits about the island’s whaling and sugar industries. You can also experience a taste of the local chocolate at the House of Chocolate, located in the capital, St. George.

There are many places to visit in Grenada during your vacation. There are even rum distilleries and chocolate factories to visit. Grenada is also home to the largest nutmeg export in the world. In addition, it has five chocolate factories and three rum distilleries.

By Booking Express Travel experts, Grand Anse Beach is the most famous beach on Grenada. Its pristine white sand is fringed by palm trees and almond trees. The waves are gentle and the water is turquoise in the shallows. Visitors can buy souvenirs and enjoy the sun’s rays.

If you’re into gardening, you’ll love Grenada’s Spice Garden. The island’s fertile soil is ideal for growing herbs and spices. There are even two gardens that specialize in Grenada-grown produce. Gemma’s Home Garden and Laura’s Herb and Spice Garden are two places to check out while you’re in the island. Life is short, travel with Booking Express Travel.

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