Branding Food: Clever Cardboard Designs

 Branding Food: Clever Cardboard Designs

Food packaging has a great market share. The use of cardboard boxes for packaging food items has taken branding a step forward. Packaging design is a thing that plays a significant role in determining the success and failure of a brand. An attractive design of custom boxes can make the product stand out, whereas dull and uninteresting packaging can reduce its sales significantly. Various top brands use custom cardboard boxes to design their products’ packaging. Its main reason is the customizable nature of the cardboard. Due to it, various packaging designs can be made on the boxes, making them inspiring for the customers. Below are some of the top cardboard designs for branding food:

Introduce Something New in Cardboard Boxes

Commonly used custom printed boxes for packaging spaghetti does not illustrate the number of servings per box. If some of the brands explain it, it’s the information for the whole of the box. This unique design for packaging spaghetti contains 6 different sections. Its lid instructs the users to fill the top with regular serving size, facilitating them to cook the required number of servings according to the need.

Use the Packaging Creatively

Your children might get bored with the traditional packaging of juice boxes. Creatively using the packaging can attract a heap of customers. You might know about the small flaps glued at the downside of juice boxes. The creative idea is to turn them outside into flippers. They will serve as the feet of the penguin. Design the cardboard boxes according to to give the shape of the bird.

Begin Your Brand Story

Perfect packaging tells your brand story from when the customer pulls the product off the shelf. Nuala is an organic granola company. It created a full brand package for its products by thinking of something different from custom packaging boxes. It consists of a paper bag that encases a jar with an attractive paper lid. The container is kept in a cloth bag taking its packaging to the next level. It’s a great example of a minimalistic design that combines color and texture in a natural manner

Cardboard Boxes Be Bright

If your product has bright colors, draw some inspiration from it. Use a series of bright colors while designing your custom printed boxes. Such packaging works well for candies, jellies, and marshmallows. Each candy has a different color so that such colors can be printed on the custom boxes and their graphics. This makes your packaging different and makes the consumers connected with it.

Be Playful

If you get an opportunity to be playful with your custom packaging boxes, never miss the chance. The following packaging is incredibly simple but playful. The illustration on the custom boxes interacts with the product letting it shine through. For example, the color of the strawberries is completely visible from the box, reflecting their taste and quality.

Incorporate Beauty

People are always attracted to beautiful things. Purchasing something adorable makes them feel good. In addition to traditionally designed tea bags, this tea bag packaging has taken the design to the next level. The tea bag is given the bird’s shape, illustrating that it floats gracefully inside your cup. In addition, some design is made on cardboard boxes for tea packaging to give an inspiring look.

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