Bring Nature Home With Pots And Planters

 Bring Nature Home With Pots And Planters

Each one of us loves to stay in the lap of nature. But with the problem of space, it becomes very difficult to have plants and greenery around homes. Even the pollution is increasing every day, and people have started fearing the damage caused to their health. 

The wall hanging planters have been the ideal option gaining popularity. These are basically the pots that are used in gardening for growing both outdoor and indoor plants. There are many options of wall hanging pots available for indoor plants from baskets to small pots. These plants not only improve the beauty of the garden but also adds charm to the living rooms and balconies. As these pots are designed for vertical gardening, they do not take a huge area for a great setup.  

How to choose the best pots for home-

This is an elementary question that comes to anyone’s mind that which type of pots will be most suitable for indoor purposes. Whenever a small plant is purchased from the nursery they generally come in a plastic bag or a small pot. Thus, it requires proper space to grow. It is only possible with the help of a pot. Plastic pots should always be avoided as every living thing needs something healthy. 

The best choice is the ceramic pots that are specially designed for indoor purposes. While choosing the small pots to be kept on wall or on the wooden shelves in the living room, the following points should be considered-

  • Look for the appropriate size– Though larger the size of the pot, the merrier the plants will be. Depending upon the space on the shelf or wall, the pots size must be decided accordingly. Pots duly add to the aesthetics of the indoor or the outdoor area. These days the pots come in varied sizes and shapes giving an immense scope of selection.
  • Nature of the pot material- The indoor plants do not require sunlight, but they still need to breathe well. It is always advisable to go with porous pots. These pots are especially designed using terracotta or ceramic that is the right fit for the plants. Avoid plastic pots.
  • Check for the drainage system- The excess water given to the plants is drained out from underneath. If there is no drainage at the bottom all the water stays in the soil making the root rot. Look for pots with a good drainage system. 

Once the best wall plant pots are brought home go with succulents that stay green both indoor and outdoor. These plants do not require excess care and grow well in extreme climates. Every city is quickly turning in a concrete jungle. In order to stay close to nature bring home best hanging basket pots, ceramic wall pots, colorful pots matching with the décor of living room. These days a lot of plant accessories are available in the market keeping in mind the growing demand for indoor plants. Beautify indoors through greens.


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