Budgie Care A Shopping List of Supplies

 Budgie Care A Shopping List of Supplies

Ringnecks as Pets

It is the Indian Ringneck parakeet – Latin name Psittacula Krameria is a fairly large bird. It is slightly more than a cockatiel but without the distinctive neck, the ringneck parakeet is distinguished by its sleek, aero-dynamic body that measures around 30cm or more in length. birds facts The name is derived from the color of the ring that is worn over the necks of male adult birds. For females and youngsters of both sexes it may appear less pronounced or even absent altogether.

While the majority of wild ringnecks – including escapees – have an intense forest green color, different colour forms are recognized. The two most well-known color morphs are “lutino” gorgeous yellow bird, as well as a blue version. The care for every colour morph is the same.

Ringneck Personalities

Anyone who has observed Indian Ringnecks in nature will be able to confirm, they are extremely social birds. Despite their tendency to be social, however, they are loud and combative, always arguing and squawking with each other. The same kind of behavior could cause them to be difficult pets for those who live in peaceful homes.

If you watch ringnecks, you’ll see that they don’t remain still for longer than a few minutes at a stretch; they’re always moving and flying about, gnawing on twigs and hunting for food. This level of activity could make them excellent bird to watch as pets, it also implies that you’ll require a large cage, if not even an bird house. Make sure you give them the most space you can, if you wish to stay content in the cage.

Cages for Ringneck Parakeets

Ringneck parakeets must keep in the biggest cage you can fit in. At the very least, the need for a huge cage for cockatiels must be thought of. It is better to consider cages of four to six feet are suggested and have perches on the ends. In such a cage , your Ringneck can use their flying abilities in addition to climbing and crawling around the cage.

As with the rest of caged birds they can also be messy feeders. It’s not uncommon to find a cage filled with bird dust, dirt feathers, and food shucked. Arizona Birds Pet owners should be prepared to vacuum their pet’s cage on regularly basis, or put the cage in a place where there is a minimum damage can be caused.

While Ringneck Parakeets can withstand an icy British winter cosying together with their friends, especially wet, cold or windy conditions should be avoided. When choosing where to put your cage, make sure to place it away from possible drafty areas like doors that are external or windows. Beware of overheating by ensuring that direct sunlight in summer time will not cause heat to your bird.

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