Buying Menstrual Cup for Girls in Teens – A Few Quick Tips

 Buying Menstrual Cup for Girls in Teens – A Few Quick Tips

Teenage is the most delicate and confusing time in a girl’s life. There are hormonal changes happening in the body and the signs of puberty show up. Though these signs are not so easy to deal with, the most dreading thing that happens is menstruation. It seems impossible at first to imagine living a normal life with all those cramps, bleeding, mood swings, etc. With the correct menstrual hygiene maintenance products, mothers can make those challenges easier to handle. In this post, we will talk about mini menstrual cup and tips for buying these to extract the best results.

Are Menstrual Cups for Teenagers Different?

No, there is nothing different about teenagers’ menstrual cups. Some people think that menstrual cups are not fit for the teenagers as insertion may be troublesome. But, it is not true. The menstrual cup for teenagers is made of medical-grade silicone that is flexible enough to get inside the vaginal opening with just a slight push. 

The stem is longer to allow beginners to feel and take it off easily when required. 

How to Select the Menstrual Cup?

When you are out to purchase a menstrual cup for yourself as a teenager or for your teenaged daughter, it is important to understand the body type perfectly. When in periods, the cervix becomes a bit distended, hence, inserting the cup will be effortless.

Secondly, the teenage time is the start of the periods in life. Thus, some may experience heavier flow than others. So, understand your tendency and period symptoms first, and then select the cup with appropriate capacity. 

Learn how to use menstrual cup too. The process is simple. Push it lightly into the vaginal opening. The fluids in that region assist in pushing process and make it easier. Once felt fit properly, wait for some time to let it occupy the opening. If feeling uncomfortable, don’t dishearten. The body just needs adjusting. With practice, the ease creeps in. 

Where to Buy Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups are available online. You can visit the online outlets and select the product as per the specifications complementing to your needs. The products possible to buy in privacy and home delivery, and offers on bulk purchases make online buying convenient. Shecup offers you the right destination when you want to know where to buy menstrual cup.

Are There Any Age Limitations for Buying Menstrual Cup?

Menstrual cup for teenagers are available for all ages. Even if the girl is just 15, she can use the cup without any doubt or fear. It is safe for all.

Summing Up,

Switching to menstrual cup is your first step towards managing period responsibly. Since one cup can last for years, it helps you avoid adding to the environmental waste. You can buy this amazing solution for your teenaged daughter and help her become accustomed to it from starting years of menstruation cycle. It is available online and is fit for everybody as the product can be chosen as per the body type, flow amount and lifestyle’s requirement.


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