Can I buy a MacBook on EMI Without a Credit Card?

 Can I buy a MacBook on EMI Without a Credit Card?

Can I buy a MacBook on EMI Without a Credit Card?

According to a report, Apple became the world’s first $3 trillion company in 2022. It follows their earlier impressive achievements of being the first company with a $1 trillion and $2 trillion market cap. 

Apple’s market cap is greater than the GDP of 186 countries except for the US, Japan, China, and Germany.

Apple is a company that relies on making reliable, stylish, and user-friendly products. It is no surprise that their MacBook laptop line is one of the most loved products and is one of the best laptops. It has single-handedly revolutionized our lives for the better. 

Apple reportedly sold three times as many MacBooks in India in 2021. 

One of the versions of the MacBook, the MacBook Pro, is not only the world’s most advanced laptop, but it has some mind-boggling features. 

However, when buying a MacBook, people are often left wondering whether to buy it on credit or opt for an EMI without a credit card.

Even if individuals do not have a credit card or do not want to use a credit card, they can still buy a MacBook on EMI.

How to buy a MacBook on EMI without a credit card?

There are many ways to buy a MacBook on EMI; let us see them.

1. Personal loan

One way to buy a MacBook without the help of a credit card is to get a personal loan. Personal loans can help buy a MacBook without paying the entire amount at once.

Individuals can take a loan equivalent to the cost of the MacBook and pay the loan as per the terms of the lending institution.  

The personal loan provider will check the individuals’ credit score before agreeing to give the loan, so it is good to check the score first.

2. Online websites

Nowadays, many online shopping websites have introduced the option of no-cost EMI. In a no-cost EMI, individuals can pay for the laptop in installments. 

For instance, if the purchase amount is Rs. 1,00,000 and the repayment tenure is ten months. The individual will pay Rs. 10,000 per month to the EMI provider. 

The respective bank will charge interest. However, this interest amount is provided as an upfront discount to the buyer at the time of the purchase, thus making it a no-cost EMI.  

However, this facility is available for selected debit cards and laptops only.  

3. EMI applications

Besides personal loans and online shopping websites, several apps help individuals split their current purchases into EMI and let them repay them in a specific period. Individuals can purchase the MacBook and pay for it later. 

These apps provide credit whenever individuals need it, helping fulfill immediate demands. They are known for giving both online and offline shopping facilities so that one can shop for their favorite items without any difficulty. 

All one needs to do is submit some personal and bank details. Further, the process is quick and hassle-free, with minimal to no paperwork. However, individuals need to ensure that they use a reliable app.

Benefits of buying a MacBook on EMI

Buying a MacBook on equated monthly installments has many benefits; let us see a few.

  • Buying a MacBook on EMI lets individuals keep their savings intact while fulfilling their dream of buying the laptop. 
  • The personal loan approval and approval from online websites and EMI applications are quick and seamless; thus, individuals can get the desired MacBook quickly.
  • The repayment tenure with loans is very flexible, making it easier to pay the EMI. Further, one can also select the repayment tenure best suited to their needs.
  • The other benefit of buying a MacBook on EMI is that the installments are affordable. Thus there will be only a small financial burden on a person’s monthly budget. 


Apple products have always been an integral part of a business or lifestyle. The MacBook is the best addition to the Apple lineup that is bound to set a new trend. 

Some people wanting to buy a MacBook might not be able to meet the hefty price tag, and this is where EMI (equated monthly installment) comes into play.

Buying a MacBook on EMI is one of the best ways to spread out the cost of the device over a tenure.   

The EMIs plans are affordable as the interest rate charged on loans is lower than on credit cards. 

However, before individuals select which option is better for them, they are advised to analyze their expenses carefully and plan their budget.

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