Can I get my essay written online? Can someone write an essay for me? 

 Can I get my essay written online? Can someone write an essay for me? 

A crucial step in writing a dissertation is to check the literature, to allow the friends to avoid detours on the way of checking the literature and writing the dissertation smoothly. The editor deliberately reorganized the literature websites that have been organized in the past and 18 websites for free download of papers and literature! Hope it can help everyone.

  • Write Essay Today

The Write Essay Today research platform covers literature and book resources classified in many disciplines such as science, engineering, medicine, agriculture, social sciences, military, law, economics, philosophy, etc. The classification is complete and the types are rich. It is a literature resource of journals, thousands of papers; academic conferences. It has written foreign language journals, conferences, and dissertations; more than 1.7 million unique resources such as scientific and technological reports, and is constantly updated.

  • Resume Writing World

The Resume Writing World Literature Resource Download Tool is a tool developed by our experts that can download any literary journal. Just enter the link of the literature you want to download, you can get the real address of the literature and browse online. Of course, more importantly, it can be downloaded.

The principle of Sci-Hub seems to be similar to RVPN, borrowing the IP of authorized schools to download relevant literature to users, which applies to all magazines, and only a few are still unable to download.


Buy Essay Online is a professional academic literature-sharing platform. It is the largest academic literature exchange center and download website here. It provides resources such as academic journals, dissertations, and dissertation templates. Ai Academic aims to build a professional academic literature exchange and sharing platform.

This carefully selects influential and distinctive institutions and scholars to improve valuable and available academic literature for the majority of users. At the same time, it will also help accreditation institutions to show their areas of expertise to users, enhance the influence of institutions, activate users, and create a good academic ecosystem, allowing users to share and exchange their academic achievements, discover more valuable academic research information, and gain sharing. And the pleasure and satisfaction of communicating.

  • My Premium Essay

My Premium Essay is one of the core subsystems of a paper quality management system. It aims to help college students improve the efficiency of paper writing, simplify complex format editing into one-click operations, and spend limited time on more valuable paper content. on writing.

The fast paper writing and editing system aims to help you improve the efficiency of paper writing, and simplify some complex format editing and integration into one-click operations. The typesetting steps are divided into five steps: first, register and log in to the system; second, create and set up papers; Third, enter the text content and determine the titles at all levels; fourth, enter figures, and tables and formulas; fifth, enter references.

  • Big Orange Lantern Website 

Big Orange Lamp is a website that provides free document downloads. It is committed to creating an open interactive platform for free communication and equal learning for hundreds of millions of Internet users, allowing more users to improve themselves through sharing, and creating a global Chinese social reading platform. , to provide users with everything of value to read.

Daju Deng has been practicing the spirit of “I am for everyone, everyone is for me”, providing an efficient and safe data sharing platform for the majority of netizens so that every user can enjoy a better and more comprehensive interactive e-learning. The content of the document covers dozens of fields such as industry research materials, teaching courseware, academic papers, application documents, examination materials, and corporate copywriting.

  • Questia |Humanities and Social Sciences Paper Repository

Questia is a foreign professional resource library dedicated to online research and dissertation writing in the humanities and social sciences. It was established in 1998; the disciplines include art, architecture, economics and trade, law, literature, psychology, sociology, anthropology, etc., and humanities, The collection of social science books, magazines, and newspapers ranks first in the world.

A library of high-quality online research and dissertation writing resources and the world’s largest online library capabilities covering history, philosophy, economics, political science, English linguistics, literature, anthropology, psychology, and sociology Wait. At the same time, Questia also provides professional resources for completing the tasks of the university’s core courses. The highlight is that it can be accessed and used efficiently and conveniently through research tools such as automatic index creation, notifications, and citations.

  • ARXiv | American Science Academic Paper Search URL

arXiv is an old-fashioned academic paper search engine started in 1991, founded by physicist Paul Ginsburg, and dedicated to collecting preprints of physics, mathematics, computer science, and biology papers, the data collected reached million.

arXiv is an old-fashioned academic paper search engine started in 1991, founded by physicist Paul Ginsburg, to collect preprints of physics, mathematics, computer science, and biology papers, the data collected reached million.

At present, arXiv article types are mainly divided into seven categories: physics, mathematics, nonlinear science, computer science, quantitative biology, quantitative finance, and statistics. Each category is divided into several subcategories. For example, physics is further divided into astrophysics, condensed matter physics, general relativity, quantum cosmology, high-energy physics: experiments, high-energy physics: lattice points, high-energy physics: phenomenology, High Energy Physics: Theory, Mathematical Physics, Nuclear Physics Experiments, Nuclear Physics Theory, General Physics, and Quantum Physics. Article type content classification is very professional and comprehensive, there are about 700,000 papers on arXiv, and the rate of receiving about 75,000 papers is growing every year.

The existence of arXiv is one of the factors that created the so-called open access movement in the scientific publishing industry, and some mathematicians and scientists nowadays are used to uploading their papers to arXiv before submitting them to professional academic journals. This trend has had a considerable impact on the business model of traditional academic journals.

  •  NSSD |Social Science Academic Journal Database

The National Philosophy and Social Sciences Academic Periodical Database, referred to as “National Periodical Database (NSSD)”, is a national-level, open, and non-profit philosophy and social science information platform approved by the National Philosophy and Social Science Planning Leading Group and constructed by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

The National Periodical Database aims to become my country’s largest non-profit social science quality journal database, the largest social science open access platform, realize the open sharing of academic resources, provide strong basic conditions for academic research, and promote the social dissemination of academic achievements. Promote the prosperity and development of my country’s philosophy and social sciences, and go to the world.

The National Periodical Bank adheres to the correct political direction and academic orientation, firmly establishes a high-quality awareness, faces the future, and builds into a comprehensive philosophy and social science information platform. It includes more than 1,000 high-quality academic journals, more than 4.85 million papers, and more than 1.01 million scholars and 21,000 research institutions related information. It can be traced back to more than 500 journals with the first issue, and the earliest can be traced back to 1921.

  • Website of National Library Paper Search Network

For many college students, a dissertation is a very important resource. It is not easy to find the dissertation or journal resources you want, whether it is domestic or foreign dissertation websites. Off-campus, all the papers can be easily done, find the papers you need on the website, just leave your email number on the right, and the papers will be sent to your email in minutes.

How to use: After entering the website, you can enter the thesis resources you want in the search box. You can filter by book title or author. In addition to journals, you can also try books, newspapers, dissertations, conference papers, patents, annotations, videos, etc.

  •  LolMyThesis: Harvard Graduation Thesis Sharing Network URL

LolMyThesis Harvard Graduation Dissertation Sharing Network is a dissertation-sharing website founded by students of Harvard College. It was founded in December 2013. In the beginning, it was a summary dissertation prepared for me. Later, more and more people began to upload their dissertations and Add a sentence to express their feelings at the time.

The LolMyThesis website documents some of the stress, process, and trivial things that come with having an undergraduate (and some graduate) dissertation. As more and more people upload their dissertations, you can check those here The papers are useful to you, and all papers can be read online. As for the usefulness, I don’t need to say more 


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