Can wearing a mask make it harder to breathe?

 Can wearing a mask make it harder to breathe?

COVID-19 has not yet finished, which means wearing the mask is still a must for all of us. The main cause of COVID-19 is the spreading of respiratory droplets when a person talks, sneezes, or coughs, or it can an airborne transmission that makes the person infected. The face mask can be the best option to provide you with prevention from such spread. It provides a barrier to your nose and mouth so that viruses cannot enter inside you.

A mask is a great life-saver but despite that, it can cause some discomfort to you such as breathing problems, nausea, increase in heart rate, or sweating.

The way we breathe causes discomfort:

Some fake news to wash out first; wearing a surgical mask or a normal cloth mask does not lower your oxygen rate, it’s not true.

See, we aren’t used to wearing a mask regularly that’s why when we wear a mask, it gives the feeling of anxiousness or discomfort. Well, breathing is unconscious and its function depends upon our respiratory system, but a medical expert suggests that when if feel discomfort or start getting anxious can allow our subconscious mind to influence the breathing pattern to change its way.

Inhale, Exhale:

“To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise,” said¬†Gene Tunney, an American professional boxer who competed from 1915 to 1928. He held the world heavyweight title from 1926 to 1928, and the American light heavyweight title twice between 1922 and 1923.

The subconscious mind can influence the breathing pattern in two ways one is hyperventilating which means your breathing gets faster and the other one is hypoventilating which means that your breathing gets slow. Either of these can give you breathing problems and if your breathing problems stay continuous makes you anxious.

How to breathe better:

There is a unique breathing exercise in yoga known as box breathing or corner breathing that allows you to rest the natural breathing pattern. This exercise requires a person to visualize a box and try to trace its four sides while breathing in and out slowly. This method will help to control our breathing difficulties and it also helps in reducing our stress and anxiety.

Unless you don’t have a severe breathing problem, you should follow the guidelines of wearing a mask to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Don’t worry just 2-3 days of wearing a mask will make you casual with that. The UVmask is ideal for anyone who wants to keep their breathing safe from any potential viruses or bacteria. The UV Face Mask is reusable, meaning you’ll never have to worry about running out of disposable masks.

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