Troubleshooting Steps for Canon mx920 Printer not Responding

Try pairing your Canon mx920 Printer with your computer once again and see if it solves your problem. Make it sure your printer’s s proximity to your computer is proper. This could solve your Canon mx920 Printer Not Responding error as well. Why is my Canon printer not connecting? .

Things To Do When Canon Mx920 Printer is not responding on Mac

The Mac may not recognize the Canon printer if you installed the incorrect driver for your printer model. On the other hand, if your Canon printer suddenly gives you error messages or Canon mx920 Printer not responding, it’s probably time to update its driver.

If your Canon printer’s driver is up-to-date, but you still keep receiving printing errors on your Mac, try resetting the Mac printing system.

Update Canon Driver

Canon printers and scanners

  • Go to Apple Logo > System Preferences, then select Printers & Scanners.
  • On the left panel of the window, press and hold the Control button and select your printer.
  • A popup menu will appear and select Reset Printing System.
  • A confirmation popup message will appear and select Reset.
  • Once you have reset the printing system, re-add your printer by clicking on the “+” button on the bottom of the right panel.
  • A popup menu will appear and if the name of your printer appears under Nearby Printers, you can select it to re-add it to your list of active printers. Otherwise, click on Add Printer or Scanner.
  • Ensure that your printer is connected to your Mac for your printer to appear on the list of available printers. Once you see your printer, select it on the list and click on Add button on the lower right of the screen.

Restart your Mac and Canon printer

To rule out the obvious, restarting your devices is the safest best in doing preliminary troubleshooting.

This clears every possibility of other conflicting application processes that might be interfering with the communication between your Mac and your printer. Once you have restarted both of your devices, check again if you can proceed with your printing tasks.

Check the status of your internet connection

If your Canon printer is having difficulties printing through Wi-Fi, ensure that you have a strong Wi-Fi signal on your Mac and printer.

If your printer has a weak signal, move it closer to your wireless router to reduce lag and ensure that your printer has a strong internet connection. Sometimes, a slow internet connection may cause task processes to time out, resulting in printing errors. 

Disconnect from your VPN

If you are connected to the internet via a VPN connection, you may receive error messages. Your VPN may be blocking your connection with your printer or vice versa. Try disconnecting from the VPN and try to print again and see if it works.

Check your printing queue

A pooling print queue may cause your printer to become unresponsive and appear offline.

Some print tasks may have paused due to application timeout, or the printer did not respond within a certain period of time. Having a print task paused on top of a print queue may cause other pending print tasks to accumulate and block your print queue.

To fix this:

  1. Go to Apple logo > System Preferences > Printers & Scanners.
  2. Select your printer on the left panel of the window and select Open Print Queue.
  3. A window will appear that shows all your printing tasks. Check the status of each print queue and close every single one of them.
  4. Restart your print tasks.

Check if your printer is connected to your network

If you are using a Canon printer that supports wireless printing, you might be encountering printing errors because it’s not correctly connected to your wireless network. Your Mac may not recognize your printer over the internet if its settings are not properly configured.

Before proceeding with this workaround, make sure first to have the correct driver of your Canon printer model installed on your Mac. This is necessary because your Mac needs to detect your printer before successfully adding it via IP.

To solve this issue:

  1. Go to Apple logo > System Preferences > Printers & Scanners
  2. Click the Add “+” button.
  3. Select the IP tab on top of the window.
  4. Enter your IP address on the “Address” field and wait until the text under the field says “Valid and complete hostname or address.”
  5. Click the Add button on the lower-right corner of the window to add the printer.
  6. Print a test page to confirm that the printer is working correctly.

How to Use Canon Printer Installer to Complete Process of Installation

How to Install Canon Printer Driver in Windows 10 – Technology is evolving rapidly and with the changing times, the ways of printing are also changing. Canon is a renowned brand name when it comes to quality electronic devices. This company is especially famous for its high-quality printers. Canon printers are widely known as the best printers that deliver a class printing experience to the user. But to use this printer in Windows 10 one must fully configure the printer or download the drivers. So if you are looking for some information on How to Install Canon Printer Driver in Windows 10, then you are at the right place.

The most easiest and common practice to install Canon Printer Driver in Windows 10 is via a USB cable. One can also install a wireless printer to Windows 10. In this blog, we have briefly discussed the steps on how to install the printer drivers in Windows 10.

Method 1: This is the first method that you can try to get the issue resolved. Follow all the below mentioned accurately and in the same manner:

  • The first thing is to make sure to connect the Canon Printer to Windows 10 and also make sure that it is working completely fine.
  • The second step is to install the driver in windows. You can do this by visiting the official Canon website, search for the driver and follow instructions to download it.
  • Once done, Go to the Start button on your screen and select the option Devices and Printers.
  • Right-click on the Printer’s icon and choose the option Properties.
  • Once done look for your Printer’s name and its make & model number.
  • Go to Menu and Select the Computer
  • Choose Manage
  • Click on the option Device and Manager > other devices.
  • Right-click on the model number and choose the option Update Driver Software. This will op[en a new window on the screen.
  • Hit the option Browse my computer for driver software.
  • Now select Let me pick Canon drivers on my PC
  • Choose the printer’s driver from the drop-down list. Click Next
  • Follow the instructions coming on your screen and click Next
  • Finish the setup
  • Once done Restart the Computer/Device/laptop and do a print test.
  • Start the device and visit Start > Devices and Printers > Printers Properties.
  • Run the print test by Clicking on the option Print test page.

Method 2: You can try this  method to download the Canon printer drives in windows 10:

  • The first step is to open the web browser and type Canon Printer followed by the model number in the search engine.
  • A direct link to download the drivers will be displayed.
  • The third step is to directly click on the link to download it.
  • Choose the Operating system.
  • Click on the option download to download the driver.
  • Follow the instructions coming on your screen to download the software.

These were the following steps that you can follow to use ‘Canon Printer Installer‘ to Finish the Driver Installation on Windows 10.


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