Causes of Blocked Drain and Prevention

 Causes of Blocked Drain and Prevention

Blocked drains and hindered pipes might begin as minor issues however can rapidly grow into serious issues. A blocked-up channel can cause slow water drainage, flooding, and, in outrageous cases, expensive fixes. Preventing these begins with perceiving the causes for blocked-up drainages before being able to actually prevent them. For a blocked drain, get a ​​blocked drain plumber Sutherland Shire.

The Causes and Prevention

1. Poor installation or workmanship of the installer

Poor workmanship or poor establishment or laying of pipes is one major cause of blocked drainages, we frequently see wrong pipe measuring and sizing that can cause clogged drains, or drains laid in a way that water can’t stream, for instance, a channel that is falling uphill.


This can be prevented by employing the service of a referred plumber for his good and quality service delivery, experience, and professionalism.

2. Broken pipes

Broken pipes could hinder the melodic flow of the drainage because the broken pipes could hold up particles of dirt and when they are helped up they automatically disrupt the smooth flow of the drainage.


This could be prevented by periodic inspection of the drainage system and having the broken pipes and the clogs cleared if there are any.

3. Grease

 When grease is poured down the drain, it glues to the inner parts of the pipes and builds up, over time they become reinforced enough to clog the drainage and disrupt the water flow.


This can be prevented by not pouring grease down the drain and if eventually you accidentally spill or pour grease down your drain, use hot water to flush it down to prevent clogging.

4. Hair and Toiletries

The amount of hair loss in a day maybe while having your bath or combing and grooming your hair which eventually accumulates and tangles together, goes down the drain, and eventually creates massive clumps in your pipes is a lot and enough to clog the drain. The same applies to baby wipes, tampons, condoms, sanitary pads, and tissue papers which also clog the drain.


After use, you should not allow baby wipes, tampons, condoms, sanitary pads, and tissue papers ever go down the drain.

Brush your hair before you go to the shower to reduce the examples of hair fall.

Then pack fell hair and toss them into the garbage can.

5. Food waste

Pouring food waste down the drain is a major cause of drainage blockage because food is found in every home and most families pour their food waste down the drain.

This should not be done, especially food with oil and fat in them.


Food waste is advised to be rid of properly by using a garbage disposal.

6. Dirt and Foreign objects

 Dirt is a very common form of waste that is shoved down the drain because people believe the drainage is to wash away any and everything. But dirt can build up and cause disturbing issues for you and your drainage system.

Also, foreign objects such as kids’ toys, washcloths, toothbrushes, dental flosses and so much more would pose major threats to your drainage system.


Dirt should be properly washed off and disposed of properly.

Don’t allow the children to play in your shower with small toys that can go down the drain easily.

Keep things coordinated. This is more difficult than one might expect particularly on the off chance that you are bringing up small children. Be that as it may, it wouldn’t just assist you with keeping a free flow of your drainage but additionally rest easier thinking about your regular daily life.

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