Celebrating death, the Way turns into song and dance

 Celebrating death, the Way turns into song and dance

“Celebrate life, celebrate death,” said the enlightened teacher. The first part is easy and fun to complete, but the second part seems impossible to complete. 76-year-old (formally R. left his mortal remains at the feet of his enlightened guru in a jubilant ceremony on September 20, 2010 in Pune. Although he left behind his body, he left behind a warm smile, loving hugs and a warm sense of humor to all who knew him.

When he and his moved to Pune about four years ago,

 He led an active life, exercising regularly and meditating. For the past six months, she has been fighting cancer, yet she has remained sober and happy until the end of her days. His body arrived at the International Meditation Resort and, surrounded by family and friends, he was given a memorable reception as hundreds of disciples sang and danced for him. Then together they formed a jubilant procession with disciples singing and dancing in the nearby caves where the last rites were performed. And when his family returned, they were still screaming and shaking with great force.

A professional photographer, he was affectionately known as “DD” in Nairobi, Kenya where he established his studio Photo Ltd. in the 1960’s. His extensive personal, social and business contacts have ensured that he is always available to attract memorable moments for his clients. As a news photographer, he has covered many historical events in Kenya over the decades. He is an active member of Nairobi Lions Club and Masonic Lodge and has won numerous awards. As a member of the local Indian community, he was recognized with enthusiastic awards. As a player, he always missed the game. He was completely happy – he always wanted to live intensely, love perfectly and laugh heartily.

After hearing and participating in meditations,

One day in 1975, he happened to announce that was ready to become a disciple. After starting the campaign, he announced that he would stop smoking, alcohol and meat. And he stuck to his decision.

In 1978, Indian Prime Minister whom had previously strongly criticized arrived in Nairobi to attend the state funeral of Kenyan. The High Commissioner of India arranged media interviews for me as a reporter for Kenya’s flagship newspaper The Nation and as a special correspondent for PTI, India’s largest news agency. When Desai saw that was dressed in an orange suit and decorated with flowers, he refused the interview. We both decided to do an interview. We arrived at Nairobi airport before he left and then asked for an interview. Again he refused and smiling to take a picture with student, DD managed to take a picture of me with him!

A few years later,

 He was shot in the head and neck during a daylight shooting at a Nairobi factory. He had a little hope. In contrast, he 강남풀싸롱 and  continued to speak and lead an active life. When he leaves his body in Nairobi, literally thousands of relatives and friends will be at his last farewell. He received a very blessed greeting in Pune, which echoed the words of his master: “Only he who enjoys his life can enjoy his death. And if you are your death.” If you can enjoy it, you are lost.” Death. Then there will be no more birth and no more death for you – you have learned your lesson.”

As a journalist, writer, special correspondent, publisher and media consultant has held various key positions in major newspapers, media houses and United Nations agencies and traveled to more than 50 countries. Moved by the vision, he preached month after month

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