Challenges and Solutions for Long Term Care Facility Billing

 Challenges and Solutions for Long Term Care Facility Billing

long term care facility billing

The present pandemic has changed the entire healthcare approach. Contributing to new additions burden for healthcare practice in the administration section, the pandemic has further infuriated many healthcare practices due to shortage of skilled labor and resources.

According to a report, physicians typically spend half of their days on tasks related to EHR work on an average basis. So without a proper billers and coders handling the billing operation for a healthcare practice would be really challenging. However, today the real dilemma of many healthcare practices is whether to be with the existing in-house billing operation/ systems or shuffling the unstable practices by outsourcing their operation to an external organization.

Sunknowledge – the operational extension with highest productivity metrics : 

Providing unparallel support for both pre and post long term care facility billing, Sunknowledge Services Inc has been delivering effective billing solutions to more than 100s of clients. With rigorous follow-up time, accurate data management etc, Sunknowledge experts work proficiently on closing all your billing gaps faster and efficiently. Reducing your operation cost for your long term care facility billing by 80%, Sunknowledge experts further ensure a 99.9% accuracy rate; reducing the errors rate for your billing operation.

Understanding the complete insurance guidelines including the majority of private insurance companies, payers requirements, regulations related to Medicaid, Medicare; Sunknowledge experts offers complete operational transparency. In fact, excelling in ICD- 10 and CPT coding, and other forms related to long term care facility billing; our experts improve your billing operation in no time. Being proficient in different software, our experts have the ability to communicate and resolve issues related to claims problems, insurance, coding issues etc in no time. In fact, partnering with us for your skilled nursing home further helps you with a faster reimbursement solution.

Upholding patient confidentiality laws through HIPAA compliance, we today have 100s of excellent industry references across the industry. So what are you waiting for ? Call us right now and experience an improved billing solution.


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